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The Morning After - Eagles Defeat The Lions, Almost Blowing It


Good morning my campers,

Due to a scheduling conflict, I was not in my normal spot to the left of MQ but rather home with my 6 year-old son Josh. So while the Birds were doing battle with the Lions, I was, in between plays – doing battle in Zhu Zhu Pet Stadium, jousting” with my son with a bevy of knights and horses and swords and having my “penguin” head knocked off.

The latter is in reference to a Batman version of Rock Em, Sock Em Robots his godfather (AKA my brother Michael) got for him at a yard sale the day before.

Josh was of course ALWAYS the caped crusader, which meant I was always the fat feathered bird. The obvious Andy Reid joke is way too easy.

So, off to the bat cave and let’s get to getting…

The “it’s football season” again spot will obviously have a short shelf life meaning it won’t be in broadcast circulation for long

How do I know this?


The song and theme of the spot is “High Hopes” and in the spot we see the Raiders and Rams flag being waved proudly.Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots.  Photo: http://www.robotoys.com/Rockem.gif

Do I need to say more?

Mike Pereira is a former Vice President of Officiating for the NFL. He now works for Fox and is on hand to address any controversial calls that are made during a given game.

Great idea, right?

Well someone needs to tell ol’ Mike to grow a set and take a stand.

While the DeSean Jackson was it or was it not a catch fiasco in the 1Q, Mike came on and explained very eloquently the rule and the regs and all that good stuff. But he never said what he thought. He never said if he thought it was a catch or not.

C’mon Mike… show some guts, go out on that limb you wild man and tell us what you think. Hell we can look up the rules ourselves if we wanted to.

And speaking of this play, I assume the officials - after watching the review, couldn't have gone back and called pass interference which clearly should have been called on the Lions defender?

So in reality the zebras actually got TWO things wrong one play.

Hard to do, Harry.

First year Eagles defensive back Kurt Coleman (I like to call him KC, but that's just me) had himself an interesting game... well, kind of.

In the 2Q, he was flagged for taunting following an Eagles punt. I believe the phrase he used to get flagged was "na, na, na, na... you stink you silly head!"

But the 15-yard penalty gave the Lions much-improved field position and then a few plays later another first year DB, Dmitri Patterson was flagged for holding on 3rd and long.

The end result to all of this was a Lions 49-yard field goal, giving them the lead, 10-7.

In the 3Q KC was at it again, this time being flagged for Fair Catch Interference. However... in his defense, if you watch the replay, the Lions punt returner waits until the last possible moment to signal for a fair catch. There was no way he (Coleman) could have avoided the Lions returner.

For the record, I think the E-Trade "Baby" spots have gone downhill ever since they got a new "baby" or voice for the little dude. Don't like the new guy. He's boring...

One of the spots comes in the 1Q and right after it, Josh turns to me and says "I don't get that commercial, Dad." 

6 years old and he already knows more than the surely overpriced/over hyped Ad Men who created the spot.

Not hard to do, Harry.

Maybe Fox analyst Tim Ryan should stick to referring to the Eagles Offensive Coordinator by his first name because if the past... oh I don't know, 4-5 years is any indication, he has absolutely no idea how to say to the name Mornhinweg.

Now it's pronounced Morn-in-weg. Seems pretty simple after you've heard a 1,000 times and I'm pretty sure Tim Ryan's heard a lot more than that.

Yet for some reason he insists on pronouncing it Morn-hen-weg.

Hell he even had broadcast partner Sam Rosen mispronouncing it, too.

And speaking of Slammin' Sammy, he was once again on top of his game.

Well except for that one time when time when he told us that Lions rookie DT Ndamukong Suh (pronounced A-Dahm-Ah-Kun Sue) was out of the game with his shoulder be worked on and on the VERY NEXT PLAY we see the same Mr. Suh making a tackle.

See Sam, Suh so stayed in the game...

And I do like green eggs and ham.

Why do I get the feeling the Eagles were saying just that after watching Eagles LB Ernie Sims "try" and cover Lions rookie RB Javhid Best in the 2nd Half?

Holy adjustment Batman... how long did Sean McDermott need to go before realizing... 'You know, I'm not sure but it looks like that's a mismatch. Perhaps I should make an in-game adjustment?'

Of course when Big Red heard that term "in game adjustment" he quickly and summarily put the kibosh on it.

"Listen, kid... I know you're still fairly new around here but we don't do that kind of thing. We make a plan and we stick to it. No matter how obvious it is we shouldn't"

I will spare you "the win is a win" nonsense...

The fact is the Eagles had a team dead and buried and as (seemingly) is always the case under Andy Reid, they let them off the mat and made what should've been a blowout into a nail biter.

As for Michael Vick, hey, the guy is amazing. He can throw and he obviously run. And run is the operative word if you want to play QB for the Eagles. And unfortunately it's not one of Kevin Kolb's strong suits.

My point is this...

Kevin Kolb should return to his role as the starting QB when healthy. However given the state of the Eagles offensive line, I don't know if we are ever going to get a true read on him, at least not right away. Perhaps if the line gets better as the year goes on, but initially... it's going to be hard to judge him, at least to some extent, when he's running for his life.

Just keep that in mind when he does return.

Til next time and as always...

Time's yours. Food's mine. 

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