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Philly2Philly.com NFL Power Rankings Week 3


Overall had a pretty good week re: my Top 10. Now as for my prediction in the Bears/Cowboys game...no comment.

1. Packers (1) - Beat a very bad Bills team; will now face the 2-0 Bears. Yes, the 2-0 Bears. peyton manning

2. Saints (3) - Living a charmed life for sure. But good teams find a way to win... blah, blah, blah.

3. Colts (3) - When Peyton Manning is on, there's simply no way to stop him. Problem is the Colts D without Bob Sanders. Tough road game in Mile High next week.

4. Chargers (6) - As predicted the Bolts proved how good they are in destroying a very weak Jags team.

5. Jets (7) - T-Rex and the boys got serious and whooped on the Brady Bunch. In Miami Sunday night... this game will tell us a lot about the Jets.

6. Steelers (8) - Beating up on the Titans the way did was very impressive.

7. Patriots (5) - A gimme this week as the Bills come to town

8. Ravens (2) - A long drop for sure but they lost a very ugly game and the other teams ahead of them won impressively..

9. Dolphins (N/A) - The Fish are for real. We'll find out just how real they are after the aforementioned Sunday night tilt vs. the Jets

10. Bears (N/A) - Tough call between the Bears & Texans here but went the Monsters of the Midway as winning in Dallas is one that surely impressed the hell out of me.

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