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Michael Vick Starting Marks End Of Kevin Kolb Era Before It Really Began


Say goodbye to the Kevin Kolb era folks. It ended before it ever really began. When Andy Reid reneged on his promise to hand the starting job back to Kevin Kolb next Sunday against the Jaguars he effectively ended the Kolb era.kevin kolb sacked by clay matthews

And, does this mean that Kevin Kolb is that bad? Or, is Michael Vick really that good?

Kolb never really got a chance. He played one half of football against a team which is proclaimed as the odds-on Super Bowl favorite in the Green Bay Packers. Added to that, Kolb couldn't finish the game - not because he was putrid, but because of a concussion. While, his stat-line against the Packers was abysmal, it was in the first half of the first game of the season!

One will be hard pressed to find any situation in the NFL in recent memory which mirrors this one. Kevin Kolb was drafted by the Eagles as the heir apparent to franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb back in 2007. McNabb, who was coming off an ACL injury, was rumored to be on his way out after that year by Sal Palantonio and many other pundits. Turns out McNabb hung on for two more years after that before being traded within the division because it was time to hand the team over to Kevin Kolb - or so Andy Reid told us back in April.

One lackluster preseason and a half of a football game later, Reid decided to pull the plug on the Kevin Kolb era because of Michael Vick's fantastic play in garbage time in the Green Bay game and against a putrid Detroit Lions team. While Vick played very well in the past six quarters, it's a huge injustice to Kolb and the future of this team.

Will Michael Vick really be around after this season? Also, will a quarterback who is a career completion percentage of just 54% suddenly be able to run a West Coast offense? Yes, Vick exuded the presence of a pocket quarterback against the Lions, but it was against a defense which ranked among the worst in the history of the NFL in the past few years.

These are valid questions to ask about a quarterback who has made his living off big runs versus patience and accuracy.

The biggest travesty in all of this is Andy Reid's decision to pull the rug out from underneath Kevin Kolb when he actually did play in the first half of his first start as the so-called "new leader" of the Philadelphia Eagles. Look no further than the drive chart breakdown in the Eagles-Packers game and you shall see the following nonsense during the first half of that game, which would be Kolb's first and only chance as the leader of the Eagles franchise.

On the first drive of the game, Kevin Kolb was given the autonomy to play the position, which is what any young quarterback can ask for. Kolb completed 1 of 2 passes and was sacked to end his first series as the Eagles starter. Then, in the Eagles' second series of the season, Vick took center a total of 3 times during an 8-play drive on that second series which resulted in a David Akers field goal.

The second quarter didn't go much better for Kolb, who was yanked once in a 6-play drive when the Eagles got the ball. He wound up getting sacked during this drive. Finally Kolb would get the chance to run the offense without getting yanked druing the Eagles' next drive. The result was a 3-and-out and he was sacked by Clay Matthews, which resulted in a concussion. Kolb would see the field one more time and again led the team to a 3-and-out.

Kevin Kolb's era as the new leader of the Philadelphia Eagles was shorter-lived than Britney Spears' infamous Las Vegas marriage in 2004. His stat-line as Andy Reid's proclaimed replacement for Donovan McNabb reads like this 5 for 10 passing, 24 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT, two sacks and a concussion.

Eagles fans should not receive a pass either. Many in Eagles nation have been clamoring for the Kevin Kolb era since he was drafted. Then once he plays poorly in the (I hate to repeat myself) first half of the first game many want to ditch him like a bag of rotting meat. If you want to see a take of Eagles fans on the Vick-Kolb issue then check out Igglephans.com, the best Eagles message board out there.

Look no further than 610 WIP's Angelo Cataldi to feel the "pulse" in this change of heart. Cataldi makes no bones about how in touch with the fanbase he is. Cataldi has buried McNabb for years then celebrated the McNabb trade in April. Cataldi even made it a point to mention how much leadership Kolb exuded even during interviews. Let's also point out how Cataldi buried the Eagles for trading for Michael Vick last year. After this recent "hot streak" by Vick, Cataldi changed his tune faster than the temperature change after a severe thunderstorm. He promptly jumped on the Michael Vick bandwagon and is ready to run Kolb out of town.

 Following Kolb's first start, Cataldi on his own blog stated in his own words that "Reid led Kolb to slaughter on Sunday, literally and figuratively. Kolb never even played the second half because of a concussion sustained behind that porous offensive line, though he was foolishly allowed to re-enter the game after the injury." It's funny how quickly our tune changes.

Andy Reid, who is the captain of the ship, has disgraced himself with this latest "football decision." It's one thing to look bad when you pick a new quarterback to lead the team by replacing them after an 0-4 start. But, it looks absolutely ridiculous to proclaim you're starting with a youth movement then you end up pulling the rug out from underneath that new quarterback before he even gets a chance to prove himself. Furthermore, the Eagles organization supposedly made a commitment to Kolb by extending his contract through the 2011 season for $12 million guaranteed.

The Eagles' Michael Vick-Kevin Kolb saga is as puzzling as it is controversial. But, then again the Eagles are the biggest soap opera in town. They never disappoint when it comes to delivering in the news department. They just seem to fail when it comes to winning a championship, unlike the boys in red and white across the street.

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