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Philly2Philly.com Grid Iron Picks-NFL Picks Week 3


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This just in, I officially stink at picking games. I went 7-9 last week and am a measley 15-17 on the season. Not good at all. In fact, I was so bad that Jesse and Steve had 4 more wins than me, while Josh led the way with 13 wins.

Steve O is leading the way so far with a 23-9 record this season.

This week our crack team of experts are going with mostly the favorites. The Chiefs are the flavor of the week after starting out 2-0 and look for them to go to 3-0 as they take on the 49ers this week. Steve O doesn't seem to think so as he's going with the 49ers in that matchup.

The Eagles are just 2.5 point favorites this week, but everybody in the Philly area has them winning against the Jaguars this Sunday. It's never that easy against Jacksonville though. Remember, the last two times the Eagles played the Jags, they lost to them. Also, here's an interesting fact you may not know. When the Eagles faced the Jaguars in Jacksonville back in 2002, McNabb puked in the 4th quarter of that game just prior to throwing a TD. This was a harbinger to McNabb puking in the Super Bowl in Jacksonville three years later.

Seems so long ago.

Now onto the rest of our NFL Week 3 Grid Iron Picks:

Philly2Philly Grid Iron Picks Week 3