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The Morning After- Eagles Maul the Jaguars


Good morning campers,

Trust everyone had a fantabulous weekend. Believe what you want re: Michael Vick but you will never get me to be believe that the porous Eagles offensive line did not play a major role in the decision to start him over Kevin Kolb.logo

Obviously he (Vick) gives them a better chance to win right now but that’s due in large part to his ability to keep plays alive. This, to me, was a clear indictment of the sad state of the Eagles OL.

Let’s get to getting…


Did Jill Arrington, daughter of former Eagle Rick Arrington, actually refer to the Rams as “The Bradford Bunch” during her usual pre-game hyperbolic brief monologue?

It was an homage I assume to first year Rams QB Sam Bradford but… a nickname? For the Rams?

Quick, Jill… name me 3 Rams not named Sam Bradford or Steven Jackson.

That’s ok, I couldn’t do it, either.

But ease up on the cutesy monikers, huh, til at least they win say more than 2 games.


So the guy who couldn’t even dress the first two weeks suddenly gets to play and has what seemed like an immediate impact getting one sack, a few tackles and causing general disruption when he was on the field.

Hi Darryl Tapp… we’re the Philadelphia Eagles fans… nice to meet you. Make yourself comfortable. Stay a while.


Ok, this is on the verge of becoming a regular TMA feature re: what the Eagles Special Teams did wrong THIS week under first year coordinator Bobby April.

Look, I know April is a very accomplished coach and does not have the best unit per se but… aside from a few nice plays in coverage and some decent returns by Jorrick Calvin (who?) there were, once again, some very troubling signs.


In the first half the Eagles were forced to call a timeout prior to Jacksonville punting the ball back to them. It was a timeout that the Eagles could have used at the end of the half but of course #7 made that irrelevant… but that’s not the point!

Then in the 2Q they were flagged for a penalty that sounds like something boys would do to each other in gym class… they were flagged for an Illegal Wedge.

Oh wait, that would be a Wedgie… my bad.

There was no replay to show us the egregious wedging but… are you serious? I have no idea what this means but it sure sounds like a technique-type issue rather than one of lack of talent does it not?

Translation: it’s something that’s coachable, teachable… preventable.


Ok, here’s the deal…

I have all the respect and admiration for the people of New Orleans and the surrounding areas that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina… FIVE YEARS AGO. Many lives were lost and homes destroyed…. FIVE YEARS AGO.

And I surely don’t blame the good people of New Orleans and surrounding areas for this but for the NFL to still be “promoting” New Orleans under the guise of Hurricane Katrina… enough is enough.

You want to tell me they’re the defending Super Bowl champs? Fine. I’ll buy that.

But enough with what the Saints mean to New Orleans and how we all should be rooting for them and on and on and on…

Last time I checked EVERY city with a professional football team has its share of problems, just not all of them come in the natural disaster variety and EVERY city with a professional football team has a legion of fans that live and die with their beloved heroes.

Sorry… but enough is enough.



I loved the decision to go for it on 4th & 1 in the 2nd Quarter... LOVED IT.

But I HATED the play call... and hated the call on 3rd Down as well. Say it with me...

How do you not allow Michael Vick the opportunity to get the first down on EITHER play?

Of course this series of plays took on a whole new air when our old buddy Mike Pereira got into the fun again. If you recall last week Mike was brought on to share his knowledge and insight regarding a catch/no-catch involving DeSean Jackson. If you also recall Mike played the role of Switzerland and was completely neutral and non-committal.

Well Mike was at it again this week when it came time to discuss the horrific spot the Eagles got on their 4th and 1 call. And once again there was old Mike squarely on that fence again, refusing to take a side. At least Mike wasn't as bad as Fox color man John Lynch who spewed out this brilliant remark...

"If it (the possible re-spot) doesn't go to a first down they're (the Eagles) going to lose a Challenge."

Wow, that is brilliance... brilliance I tell you. Thanks John for clearing that up for us dolts watching at home.


At one point in the game, Lynch uttered this statement in trying to explain the Jags woeful running game...

"It's hard to matriculate the ball."

I think my urologist said the exact same thing during my last checkup.


*Who the hell woke up Trevor Laws? What, did he think he was playing against Navy or something, reliving his Notre Dame days? I almost didn't recognize him

*DeSean Jackson is without question one of the best receivers in the NFL. That's a fact. But... if he ever expects to be one of the all-time best, he will have to learn to focus on every single play with no exceptions. Not getting both feet in bounds and not getting the first down on two different plays are Exhibits A & B of a very talented young player who loses focus.

*What the hell was up with the talk of The Rushmen? Did you catch this crap? Apparently the Jags defensive line refers to themselves as The Rushmen as Mr. Lynch kept telling us throughout the game. Are you kidding me?


The Eagles and Michael Vick beat a very bad, putrid and pathetic team yesterday. It's what good teams are supposed to do and they did it, so hats off to them.

Next up of course is Donnie Mac and the Skins.

Needless to say this game should generate just a modicum of excitement. This will provide Vick with his first real test and against a pretty good defense.

Til next time and as always...

Time's yours. Food's mine.

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