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Philly2Philly.com NFL Power Rankings Week 4


Philly2Philly.com NFL Power Rankings Week 4

Some shuffling around with the top 3 versus my Week 3 NFL Power Rankings with the Colts moving up from #3 to #1. The Saints dropped out of the top 3 - falling to #5 and the Jets moved up to #2.

1. Colts (3) - Peyton Manning and company went into Denver and beat an obviously distracted Broncos team still coming to grips with the suicide of Kenny McKinley.

2. Jets (5) - Big time on the road in Miami.peyton manning

3. Steelers (6) - 3-0 without Big Ben; huge test this week with the Ravens coming to town

4. Packers (1) - Face it, the Packers beat themselves vs the Bears on Monday night

5. Saints (2) - Their luck ran out against the Falcons; should beat up on the Clausen-led Panthers

6. Patriots (7) - A reluctant move up one place here for the Pats; will go a long way in proving they're for real by beating the Fish in Miami

7. Ravens (8) - Beat a bad Browns team (isn't that redundant?); go to Heinz Field on Sunday

8. Bears (10) - Yes they Packers lost more than they won but... a win is a win

9. Dolphins (9) - Out of the fire (Jets) and into the frying pan (Patriots)

10. Chiefs (N/A) - Trust me I am as shocked as you are to see perennial cellar-dwellers ranked this high but they're playing well right now and no, I am not taking the Bye Week and the points to beat them this week.