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Eagles Sent Packing by Packers, Breaking Down Marshawn Lynch's Epic Touchdown Run, and Rex Ryan Puts Foot in His Mouth Again!


Eagles’ season ends in a whimper and disappointment, again

We are four days removed from the Eagles' dismal playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, and for the second straight season, Philly was sent home eagles packers losspacking on wildcard weekend. The Packers did not play their best game, but either did the Eagles. So after a 21-16 setback, and an off-season of uncertainty with impending free-agents and the possibility of a work stoppage, the only question remains.

Was the 2010 NFL season a success for the Eagles?

Simply put, no. The season was a disappointment. Now before everyone starts yelling, arguing, screaming, and wandering how can a 10-6 campaign, division title, not be successful, and what the heck am I talking about? Relax, take a breath.

Let’s be honest here. When the Eagles got dominated by the Giants for about 52 minutes in Week 15, before staging the greatest comeback in franchise history, many people waxed poetic about Philly being the team to beat in the N.F.C leading up to that game.

After the incredible win, the Eagles went improved to 10-4, there were the talk of the league, the country, and chatter around the water cooler went something like this, “You don’t want to see the Eagles in the Playoffs” and “well, Philly is going to be the most dangerous team in the N.F.C if they get in”, and so on and so on. And that is fact.

The Eagles did get in, and could have gotten a bye if they would have shown up against the Vikings, a week after the Giants’ game. Of course, the Bears and the Falcons needed to help out, but it was still there for the Eagles. A shot to lock up the No. 2 seed, a bye, and one win away from the N.F.C Title game. And everyone got on board for that, fans and local and national media alike. It is all about perception. After the New York game, the Eagles got a bit too high on themselves, as did the fans. But hey, we can’t blame fans, who are passionate and emotionally involved. The players do the playing, and the coached do the coaching. And over the next three weeks, neither did their job.

We saw it against the Vikings, and two weeks later, saw it against Green Bay.  We will discuss who is to blame another day, because we have a whole off-season and perhaps more to talk about that. But today, and over the last several days, I spoke to many Eagles’ fans, who are sick and tired of these playoff losses. To them, when you get a home playoff game, you have to win that game. And the Eagles had their chances on Sunday, but fell a Michael Vick interception short late.

Pop quiz! How many of you thought the Eagles were going to win that game late, move on, and start talk of perhaps a Super Bowl Berth? Exactly.

Marshawn Lynch runs into Seattle folklore

So, I will be the first one to admit, I did not think Seattle would beat the Saints. But, I did suspect the game to be close throughout with the Saints pulling away in the fourth and winning by like 10 or 14 points in the end. I picked New Orleans on the air.

Well, the Saints offense showed up, but there defense didn’t. And when the defending Super Bowl Champs, need to make the biggest stop of their season, they failed miserably and could only watch Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch ice the game with a seismic and memorable 67-yard TD for the ages, paving the way for a 41-30 lead with 3:37 left in the game.

The Saints would score late for the final margin, but it was Lynch’s run that ripped the life and heart out of “Who Dat” nation.

In the end, Seattle pulled off one of the biggest upsets in playoff history courtesy of a 41-36 triumph in the NFC Wild card. A 7-9 team wins their division, gets in the playoffs, and knocks off the defending Super Bowl Champion. No freaking way!

Yeah, it happened. I saw it. I also saw Lynch’s run into history. Hey, New Orleans learn to tackle please, but give the credit to the tough-nosed Lynch, who had been known as a back with potential, as well as some dubious off-field behavior.

And let’s not forget the bling in the mouth, nice touch.

Move over Ken Griffey Jr. with your “slide” and mad dash home in the 11th inning of Game 5 of the American League divisional series that beat New York.

In Seattle, Lynch’s rumble is simply known as “The Run."

Now I have watched this run about 100 times, and it was a total team effort.

Seattle needed to kill the clock, and late in the game they called for the power run. Ironically enough, it was the first time of the game that they called for it and what turned into a busted play, turned into a work of art.

However, if Lynch does not get lower than Saints linebacker Scott Shanle, who had an unblocked shot at him right at the line of scrimmage, then the play goes for a loss. Instead, Lynch lowers the boom, and pops Shanle hard with his left shoulder. If you really watch the play, the linebacker fit the run up perfectly and laid a shot on Lynch.

It didn’t faze him.

The offensive line kept driving and space was cleared out on the play, allowing Lynch to break lunging attempts by Will Smith and Sedrick Ellis and 10 yards later, Lynch took matters his own hands. Two more Saints grabbed at Lynch’s legs in futility, and when New Orleans’ cornerback Jabari Green tried to strip the ball, and bounced off Lynch like he just hit a wall, the fun really starts.

Around the 38-yard line, last year’s Super Bowl hero Tracy Porter came at Lynch, who nailed him with a nasty stiff-arm, which was more of a left-arm get off of me, knocking Porter into next week.

Remember when you were little and smaller than your big brother, and you would get really mad, start to cry, run at him and start to swing at him like a madman.. But he would just put his hand on your head, laugh, and you would flair about. That kind of sums up Porter trying to tackle Lynch, and from there it was all academic.  

Safety Roman Harper wanted to be somewhere else on the play, and thought twice before engaging Seattle guard Tyler Polumbus, who chugged down field along with tackle Sean Locklear and quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. All-around, a great team effort, but that was a run that was willed through the heart and effort of Lynch, who will never have to buy a cup off coffee in Seattle again.

Hey Rex, you need help getting your foot out of your mouth, no pun intended

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has been the talk of the league as has been his team for more of their off the field antics than their play in 2010.  Ryan never one to shy away from reporters or the cameras in New York added to his larger than life persona this week.

Prior to the Jets win against the Colts in the A.F.C. Wild Card last Saturday night, Ryan decided to take some shot at all-world QB Tom Brady, who when I last checked has won three Super Bowls.  

Two days before the Colts game, Ryan said that "nobody" studies like Peyton Manning.

Nope, not even the New England Patriots quarterback.

“I know Brady thinks he does,” Ryan said. “I think there’s a little more help from (Bill) Belichick with Brady than there is with Peyton Manning.”

Talk around the Jets is that Brady showed up Gang Green during a 45-3 rout at Foxborough last month, prompting several Jet players as well as Ryan to chide Brady again.

When Ryan learned that Brady attended the Broadway play “Lombardi” on Saturday night, while the Jets were playing the Colts, the brash head coach pointed out that’s something Manning would never do.

Funny thing is that Ryan knows his limits when it comes to taking shots at say Belichick, but for some odd reason he seems to take shots and yaps about players on another team for no reason whatsoever. His clownish antics can only go so far. If you’re a Jets fan, you love the bravado, but if you are smart, you worry that Ryan is playing with fire.

Listen, Brady and the Pats do not need locker room material, but behind close doors the master manipulator in Belichick is smiling, thinking of ways to amp up Brady and his mates, to finally shut Ryan up for once and for all.

The late great Jim Croce once sang about it.

“You Don’t Mess Around With Jim."

Here is the lesson to be learned.

“You don’t tug on Superman’s cape. You don’t spit into the wind. You don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with Jim, da do da do..(Had to add that in for effect). Got that Rex?

The New York media and the league love a guy like Ryan, because he gives up good fodder, good sound, and something to talk about. However, this gets old real quick in the NFL The Jets are Ryan and they take on his personality from the top to the bottom, while the Patriots let their record, success rate, and three Super Bowl titles, speak for themselves. I’m just wandering, if Ryan thought Brady taunted the Jets before, what is going to happen if Ryan keeps tugging on Superman’s cap the rest of the week. We will find out how much yapping Ryan will do around 8PM on Sunday night.

Eventually he will learn that you don’t mess around with Jim.

Rich Quinones is a freelance sports broadcaster and sports writer. He has over 13 years of broadcasting experience, most recently spending the last three as afternoon drive-time host for 1290 The Ticket, a Fox Sports Affiliate in Delaware. He has worked for various news and sports radio stations in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Ohio and the “First State,” where he won numerous awards for his own-air work. A national freelance sports correspondent for several different media outlets across the country, Rich has covered every sport over the years as well as the local teams in our backyard, and is known for his “hard-hitting,” passionate style behind the microphone. His work has been published online as well as in SJ Magazine and South Jersey Magazine. He is also play-by-play voice for the NAFL and served as lead blow-by-blow announcer for Dave Tiberi’s T.N.T Boxing.

“Q” covers the sweet science on a daily basis and is set to launch his own show online. Rich is also an advocate for retired NFL Players, who are struggling in life since leaving the game and need some guidance. He has partnered up with several former NFL players, who also believe in this cause.

Contact Rich at rquinonesmedia@hotmail.com