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Is Andy Reid sticking it to the Eagles’ brass or just losing his power within the organization?


The Philadelphia Eagles seem to be waiting and waiting for the right man to fall into their lap and take over the defensive coordinator Has Andy Reid lost his grip on the Eagles? Photo: http://isportacus.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/andy-reid.jpgduties  that Sean McDermott unsuccessful filled  for two seasons. But the man who would lead that charge, Eagles head coach Andy Reid, decided to skip town for a bit.

Really? What in the world is going on in South Philly? Are the soft pretzels hardening a bit? Are the cities’ famous Italian rolls getting stale?

Someone please, stop the madness.

McDermott, who was officially fired on January 12th, has since been hired by the Carolina Panthers to run their defense. Three days later, defensive line coach Rory Segrest was let go.

The Eagles officially announced McDermott was fired on January 15th.

After the Packers loss, Reid spoke as though McDermott had such great upside, and was emphatic on the 36-yeard old staying, despite the struggles and injuries that were bestowed on the Eagles’ defense this season. “I’ve seen (Sean) him stay positive through those situations and still put us in a position to win football games,” Reid said a day after the Green Bay setback.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for him and the way he does business.” Two days later McDermott was canned, but one wanders was it really Reid’s call.

About a week later, Reid decided he needed some rest and relaxation and embarked on a much-needed Caribbean vacation. The timing of his escape is strange, is it not?

An unnamed former NFL defensive player told me that there is no way a coach takes vacation during the middle of the playoffs, let alone a week before the conference championships, unless he is under fire.

“Absolutely,” said the player.

Reid does not do anything without methodically planning out his every single move in meticulous fashion. This is the same man who has never ever done anything on a whim. So all of a sudden, he drops everything and plans a getaway.

Sorry, I am not buying this for one second.

Was Reid so incensed by the firing of McDermott that he decided to act like a reboulus child and spite his parents, by running away for some sun and fun, because he did not get his way and felt blindsided by their actions?

You guys figure it out while I’m gone. After all, at the time, the move seemed like a knee-jerk reaction and of course someone had to be the fall guy.

Let’s examine this further.

Earlier this week, a recharged Reid continued to overhaul his defensive coaching staff by declining to bring back linebackers coach Mike Shuey.

Last Friday, defensive backs coach Dick Jauron, who was rumored to replace McDermott, bolted to Cleveland to take over the helm as defensive coordinator with the Browns.

Reid is a control freak, he controls the players, he controls the media, and he controls the bottom line decision-making. Or has that changed?

The only other conceivable idea is that the Eagles wanted Reid to disappear for awhile, away from the media, and the fans, and perhaps away from the organization that has backed him for years.

“The defensive coordinator makes the head coach look good all the time,” added the unnamed player. Not in this case, so the tribe has spoken.

But Reid wasn't even in the country when they hired new defensive line coach Jim Washburn. Reid didn't accompany Howie Roseman and most of the coaching staff to Mobile Alabama for the Senior Bowl and has been unusually quiet regarding the state of the team this entire offseason. This is not typical of Reid.

So for at least one week, Jeffrey Lurie, Joe Banner and Roseman vote Reid off the island like on “Survivor” and thus you have what is known as “short-lived damage control.”

But, Reid is back, so what happens now?

It has become clear that Reid is losing his power within the organization. The reason that Reid got along so well with Lurie and Banner is because all three are very arrogant and walk around with “I know more than you” stapled to their collective foreheads.

To many, they treat the media and fans as if they are second-class citizens, who should gracefully bow down and spit shin their loafers when they grace us with their “Gold Standard” presence. But at this rate, it looks as though Reid might be the one shining shoes.

Maybe it will free up more time for him to hire a defensive coordinator.


Rich Quinones is a freelance sports broadcaster, sports writer, and host and creator of "On Q" Sports Talk, which can be heard every Thursday night from 10-11PM on 1460 WIFI AM.

He has over 13 years of broadcasting experience, most recently spending the last three as afternoon drive-time host for 1290 The Ticket, a Fox Sports Affiliate in Delaware. He has worked for various news and sports radio stations in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Ohio and the “First State,” where he won numerous awards for his own-air work. A national freelance sports correspondent for several different media outlets across the country, Rich has covered every sport over the years as well as the local teams in our backyard, and is known for his “hard-hitting,” passionate style behind the microphone. His work has been published online as well as in SJ Magazine and South Jersey Magazine. He is also play-by-play voice for the NAFL and served as lead blow-by-blow announcer for Dave Tiberi’s T.N.T Boxing.

“Q” covers the sweet science on a daily basis and is set to launch his own show online. Rich is also an advocate for retired NFL Players, who are struggling in life since leaving the game and need some guidance. He has partnered up with several former NFL players, who also believe in this cause.

Contact Rich at rquinonesmedia@hotmail.com

Photo: http://isportacus.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/andy-reid.jpg