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NFL Power Rankings Week 6: Detriot Lions on the rise but Packers still hold #1 spot


Wow, Donnie Mac and the Vikes DON'T blow a big lead but some things do stay the same, as the Eagles find even more creative ways to lose.

Ok, let's get to getting...Last week's power ranking in parenthesis...Detroit Lions photo: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

1. Packers (1) - Either the Packers are that good or the Falcons are that bad; well maybe not bad but.. The Pack is on a roll kids.

2. Chargers (2) - Good thing for the Bolts style points don't count.

3. Ravens (3) -  Remember my rule, a team can't move up or down following their Bye Week.

4. Patriots (4) - Oh great, now the Pats have a running game, too; imagine how good they would
be if they had a defense.

5. Saints (6) - See what I wrote for the Chargers.

6. Lions (7) -  One word: Megatron; yes kids, this team is for real.

7. Bills (8) - No style points for sure but a win is a win, even if it does come at the hands of Big Red & Juan.

8. Texans (5) - Facing an emotional opponent in the Raiders following the death of Al Davis, the Texans had a shot to win it at the end; tough loss.

9. Steelers (N/A) - Big Ben looked good & they should keep it going vs. a fading Jags team this week.

10. Niners (N/A) - The Niners? Seems as if the euphoria from that comeback win over the Birds the week before might have carried over.

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Photo: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images