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NFL Power Rankings Week 7: Can Carson Palmer lift the Raiders?


Well Virginia, I don't know if there's a Santa Claus but, I can tell you it appears that the Eagles do have a run defense, at least for now. This week I think there are more "new" teams in my Top 10 from the previous week than ever before.

Ok, let's get to getting...Last week's power ranking in parenthesis...

1. Packers (1) - What happened to the Rams? This week the Pack goes into Metrodome to play Dono, oops... Christian Ponder. Sorry Donnie...

2. Chargers (2) - Coming off their Bye, they fly East to take on the J*E*T*S... the resurgent Jets?  Well let's not go crazy...Carson Palmer photo: By Marcio Jose Sanchez, AP

3. Ravens (3) - A very solid win over a very good Texans team; they head to Jax to beat up on the Jags

4. Patriots (4) - Wasn't pretty but the Brady Bunch found a way to beat the 'Boys

5. Lions (6) - Yes they lost, but yours truly predicted as much as I saw an emotional let down coming following their big win over the Bears; Sorry Jim Schwartz. don't chase me down like you did Jim Harbaugh

6. Niners (10) - Huge jump for the Boys From the Bay but they are for real, kids, especially on defense; Sorry Jim Schwartz. don't chase me down like you did Jim Harbaugh; oh wait, I already said that

7. Giants (N/A) - Say what you want but you have to give credit to the G-Men for continuing to play hard with a depleted roster.

8. Bengals (N/A) - Don't look now kids but the Bengals have the #1 rated defense in the NFL

9. Bucs (N/A) - Up and down team but following a big win over the Saints, they're up

10. Raiders (N/A) - The Silver & Black may not be back, all the way anyway, but they are a damned good football team; loss of Jason Campbell however has major implications, but is there is a ray of light with the arrival of Carson Palmer?

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