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NFL Power Rankings Week 8: Lions Will Bounce Back Against Tim Tebow


Ho hum, the Packers keep rolling, the Rams and Vikings keep losing and the Colts, well... Where have you gone, oh Peyton?

Ok, let's get to getting...Last week's power ranking in parenthesis...

1. Packers (1) - The Packers will not win this week, remember where you heard it first.

2. Patriots (4) - This is what happens when the #2 and #3 teams lose and you have a Bye Week.

3. Niners (6) - WTH? Yes kids, the San Francisco Forty-Niners; much like the Pats the Niners take advantage of teams ahead of them losing. NdamakongSuh

4. Giants (7) - Others move down, someone's gotta move up.

5. Chargers (2) - Yes I know the Jets beat them; so what? The Bolts will right the ship this week in KC.

6. Ravens (3) - Lord was that ugly in Jacksonville on Monday night; I pity the Cardinals, the Ravens opponent next week.

7. Bengals (7) - Bengals have won 3 in a row and should make it 4 against the She-Hawks on Sunday.

8. Lions (5) - Two straight L's and people are jumping off the bandwagon; not me, the Lions will roar again this week against Tim Tebow .

9. Saints (N/A) - What? Why aren't they ranked higher, Steve? Because the Saints beat up a team that's barely an NFL franchise  that's why.

10. Steelers (N/A) - The Steelers welcome the Brady Bunch to town on Sunday  for what could be, could be a preview of the AFC Title Game

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