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Philadelphia Eagles Collapse Against the 49ers - The Morning After


Morning campers,

Unfortunately we're not waking up to a 2-0 Phils lead  and after what we witnessed at The Linc yesterday... it is really ugly around here.tma

I don't know about you but the less we talk about yesterday the better... so I will try and keep this brief, but of course I have much venom to spew.

Let's get to getting...

That of course is the opening line to the song "My Way." And after yesterday I thought it was quite the appropriate song to use as the soundtrack, if you will, following yesterday's game. The lyrics are quite telling and have a lot in common with a certain Eagles head coach.

First and foremost is the aforementioned opening line...

Like many of you, I too have predicted the demise of Big Red for many a year but after yesterday, the end may finally be at hand. As my man Ray Didinger said in the postgame show, this may be a season-ending loss, despite the fact that it was only in week 4. Yeah, it was that bad.

"Regrets I've had a few,
But then again too few to mention.

[[Tell me this doesn't sound like Andy Reid: Just a few regrets, even too few to mention.You think he would actually admit his mistakes? Hell no... ]]

I did what I had to do,
And saw it through without exemption.

I planned each charted course.
Each careful step along the byway.
And more, much more than this,
I did it my way."

[[Yes Andy, you planned each charted course, each careful step, each horrifically bad draft pick, every ill-conceived idea: Juan Castillo, seriously?; each and every 'what the hell was that?' play call and every single clock management bungle.]]

Yes, Andy, you sure did it your way. Let no one ever say otherwise. However, and as hard as it may be to believe, at least in the literal sense, you "bit off more than you can chew." And now, "the end is near" and you do indeed face the final curtain.

What the hell has happened? What the hell has happened to our vaunted defense? Perhaps ironic or not but on the heels of an NFL Network special on Jerome Brown and Reggie White, we Eagles fans were forced to sit through another lifeless, personality-bereft, emotion-less defensive performance.

Michael Irvin on the aforementioned special bemoaned the fact how he and the Cowboys hated coming to Philly because of the fear Gang Green instilled in every opposing player.

What the hell has happened? Where's the fire? This ain't LA... this is Philly. This is East Coast. This is blue collar. This is hard hat. I can honestly say in all my 45 years on God's green Earth this is the most embarassed I am to be called an Eagles fan. Even during the lean years and there were plenty of them, the one thing we could count on was an imposing defense; a defense that other teams feared. A physical, bruising defense.

And now?

From that blue-collar, down-and-dirty defense we now have in its place a placid, timid, meek and mild squad who hopes you don't call them names brudyecause they may just run away and hide or hold their breath until you say your sorry. What was once a street-fighting, ripped jeans-wearing, tattoed back alley defense, is now a quiche-eating, Polo clad, contact-avoiding pep squad.

Ever see the movie Rudy? Of course you have. One of the many, many great and memorable scenes is toward the end when the Irish head coach, Dan Devine stands before his men, ready to take the field of battle, all foaming at the mouth in anticipation of taking someone's head off and says the following:

"No one, and I mean no one comes into our house and pushes us around." The Irish proceeded to beat the living crap out of their opponent.

Did I mention the Niners had the 32nd ranked offense in the entire NFL coming into the game? And yes, there are only 32 teams in the entire NFL.

You know old adage, the numbers never lie?

Well in the context of yesterday's game the numbers were a complete prevarication - that's a fancy word for lie if you're keeping score at home. But I used that word instead of lie because saying the numbers merely lied doesn't do it justice.

Michael Vick threw for over 400 yards. Jackson, Avant and Maclin combined for over 300 yards receiving. And the Eagles offense amassed over 500 yards. And you can take all of this and throw in the trash because that's what it amounts to... trash.

However there are some numbers that do not lie... no, they scream truth from the top of every mountain.

Numbers like 2 for 7 in the Red Zone for the Eagles' offense.

Or two, count 'em two missed field goals by Alex Henery, AKA the highest Eagles draft pick to start, yet alone dress as if it weren't for Casey Matthews, Henery would in fact be THE highest draft pick to actually dress, let alone start.

Now, that's hard to believe, Harry.

In all honesty I could go on with my usual tongue-in-cheek titles for each section but as I mentioned I want to make this quick so...

*Do you think David Akers got just a tad of redemption yesterday? Yeah, me neither...

*Watching the highlights from around the league and seeing receivers such as the Lions' Calvin Johnson outduel three defenders for the ball made me realize that no current Eagles receiver has that ability; the ability, the will to want to the ball more than the opposition; and it surely doesn't look like DeSean Jackson is in any hurry to get into any kind of physical conflict; new contract anyone?

garo*I don't think they showed it yesterday during the game but the new Toyota commercial, the one where a group of people literally come together to form one large human, is downright creepy and quite disturbing; but other than that it's a complete waste of money

*Not since the immortal Garo Yepremian has there been such a feeble pass attempt as that attempted by Ronnie Brown yesterday; Good God what in the world was that?

*Depite the fact the Eagles were leading 23-3 at one point, it may have been the ugliest 20 point lead in league history; Face it kids, the Eagles Offense has become Randall Cunningham/Donovan McNabb redux- as more often than not, Michael Vick is forced to make a play with his legs

*The next tackle Jarrod Page makes will be... well you know the rest. This is the best the Eagles can do as far as safeties go? Really? You want to sit there and tell me Joe Banner et all, that an aging, on the down-side-of-his-career Brian Dawkins isn't a better tackler than anything the Eagles trot out there week in, week out? Puh-leaze...

*The bottom line is just that.. the bottom line. In the NFL all that matter is wins. And it's been 12+ years  now what we've collectively been waiting for Andy Reid to end the season with one final win; to hold up that certain trophy. And me, perhaps quite naively, predicted they would do just that at the end of THIS year. And while also predicting there would be growing pains, I never in my wildest dreams envisioned anything remotely close to the shambles this team finds itself in. Think about it... where are you hanging your hat if you're an Eagles fan? LeSean McCoy. Ok, I'll give you that one. What else you got?

That's what I thought...


'Til next time and as always...

Time's yours. Food's mine.

You can contact Steve Olenski at solenski@philly2philly.com  or follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/steveolenski

You can contact Steve Olenski at solenski@philly2philly.com  or follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/steveolenski
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