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Eagles Destroy The Cowboys - The Morning After


Morning campers,

Before you start making plans for Indianapolis in February - the site of Super Bowl XLVI, just remember that while we were all quick to complain, and I was surely a chief complainer, let's be a little slower to compliment. Translation: The Eagles are not as bad as we all thought and they are not as good as many of us think right now. the morning after

As per my norm following a late game, I'm going rapid fire so let's get to getting...

*Paging Yogi Berra... The immortal Yankee who was equally famous for what he did on the field as he was for what he said off it - including "Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical" has nothing on James Brown of CBS Sports who shared this Yogi-ism with the world this past weekend in describing the forthcoming showdown between LSU and Alabama:

"This year's Game of the Century will be next week." Aha, right. Thanks for clearing that up, JB.

*Did he really just say that? ... Was watching some of 60 Minutes at MQ's crib prior to the game and at one point Morely Safer said to Bernie Madoff's wife Ruth "Believe it not, Bernie Madoff's victims may not feel sorry for him and his family."

Excuse me? "May" not feel sorry? Personally, I was disgusted by the whole interview as they, 60 Minutes, attempted to paint Ruth and her family as victims, as ones who should receive our empathy. Um, no... "May" not feel sorry... I still cannot believe Morely Safer would say that.

*Play calling was exemplary... I know, I cannot believe I am saying this either but you have to admit that save for a few boneheaded calls around the goal line, the Eagles offensive AND defensive play calling for that matter, was the best it has been all year and perhaps as good as it's been for quite some time

*Andy Reid vs. Rob Ryan... Who would win in sumo match? Discuss...

*I know Jason Witten and you are no... Man did that look a lot like Jason Witten, that guy wearing 87 for the Eagles that is...

*Am really liking the Miller Lite "Man Up" series of TV commercials; very well done with just the right amount of humor.

*But what was up with the Nissan pick up spot where a truck is used to help land a plane whose front landing gear is broken? Seriously? Why stop at a plane, why not make it a space shuttle? Oh wait, they don't have those anymore... never mind. 


*Would have been nice to have been able to stop the clock just once more at the end of the first half when the Eagles were in the process of stopping the Cowboys and forcing them to punt... But alas, the Eagles had burned a timeout much earlier in the half.

*Yes the play calling was tremendous but, in addition to the aforementioned goal line calls, it was disconcerting to see Andy and Marty, facing a 3rd & 1 revert back to their old ways of calling a pass play despite the fact that LeSean McCoy was having his way with the Cowboys ALL night. Rob Ryan photo: floppingout.com

*Just once in my lifetime I want to hear a referee, following a review, come on the microphone and say something to the effect of "Upon review, it was determined that we all screwed up; all of us; I have no idea what we were thinking; let's just forget the whole thing ever happened."

That would have been the perfect response following the review of the Eagles "backwards" pass in the 3Q. Lord, what were they (the officials) thinking? 

 *The Blitz Krieg... Michael Vick clearly still needs a lot of work when it comes to getting rid of the ball in the face of a blitz or any kind of pass rush for that matter; he simply holds on to the ball far too long.


'Til next time and as always...

Time's yours. Food's mine.

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