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NFL Power Rankings Week 5: Packers Still #1 and Not Succumbing to Super Bowl Hangover


Apparently the "blow big leads" disease is catching as not only does Donovan & the Vikes have it, so do the Eagles and Cowboys, AKA two teams you WILL NOT see in my Top 10 this week.

Ok, let's get to getting... Last week's power ranking in parenthesis...

1. Packers (1) - Yeah about that whole Super Bowl hangover... never mind. The word hangover isn't even in their vocabulary.Hangover 2

2. Chargers (3) - A very workman like win over the "didn't-you-used-to-be-the" Miami Dolphins

3. Ravens (4) - A dominating performance over the "didn't-you-used-to-be-the" New York Jets

4. Patriots (5) - Tommy Boy righted the ship quickly following the previous week's loss to the Bills

5. Texans (6) - A nice, solid win against a fast-fading Steelers team; loss of Andre Johnson definitely hurts

6. Saints (8) - Tough divisional road game this week against the Panthers & Cam

7. Lions (9) - Quick, name 3 Lions not named Johnson, Stafford or Suh

8. Bills (10) - Yes I know they lost but it was a trap game following their emotional win over the Pats the week before

9. Buccaneers (N/A) - I know beating the Colts shouldn't carry much weight these days but this is a very good football team kids

10. Giants (N/A) - As much as it pains me, the G-Men are a great NFL story so far; they have defied the odds after suffering injury after injury to key players

Hangover2 Photo from hangover2-trailer.com

Thumbnail from AP

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