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St. Louis Cardinals Rally Squirrel For Sale on Ebay From Philly2Philly.com



Get a chance to win the St. Louis Cardinals' Rally Squirrel

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The brass at Philly2Philly.com have a once in a lifetime opportunity for you baseball fans out there. We have traveled to St. Louis and came back to town with the one and only.......


Rally Squirrel

No, this is not a misprint folks. We managed to get the little critter and are holding him hostage in the shoebox shown, and this little guy is all yours for sale.

Rally Squirrel Box

There is one stipulation and one stipulation only. You must be a Phillies fan and prove you are not a Cardinals fan in order to be considered for this auction.

We at Philly2Philly.com want the Philadelphia fanbase to recover from the disastrous 2011 Phillies season, and the means to that end involves the release of this rally squirrel back into the wild. The rally squirrel first appeared during game 3 of the NLDS in Game 3 and again in Game 4. The Phillies wound up falling apart once this little guy appeared in Game 4, and the Cardinals took him to Philly in Game 5. The rest is history.

One lucky bidder will have a chance to win the rights to the rally squirrel and must release him back into the wild.

Bid early and often for this once and a lifetime chance. Only Phillies fans are welcome.

And remember, you MUST verify your Phillies loyalty should you win. No exceptions!

Good luck bidding!


***DISCLAIMER: This auction is for entertainment purposes only and is meant solely for the pure enjoyment of Philadelphia Phillies fans.***