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NFL Power Rankings Week 10: Patriots fall while Bengals and Lions rise


Hello boys and girls, seems the Fish are not quite ready to be fried, yet. And the Packers, while remaning undefeated, are definitely showing some chinks in their armor.

Let's get to getting. Last week's power ranking in parenthesis...

1. Packers (1) - Yes they are undefeated so yes they retain their #1 ranking but... there is NO WAY they go undefeated. None. Remember where you heard it first.

2. Niners (2) - Wasn't pretty but... Wait I said the exact same thing last week. Well, it's true again this week. Their win over the 'Skins was Eli Manning and Tom Bradyanything but pretty...

3. Giants (3) - Like it or not Eagles fans, the Giants stepped up in a big way going on the road to beat the Patriots; I know the Pats D stinks but...

4. Ravens (4) - Be wary of the dreaded trap game this week as they fly west to play the She-Hawks with the Bengals looming the following week

5. Bengals (6) - No trap game here as the Bengals welcome the Steelers  to town; helluva two game stretch here for the Cats

6. Lions (7) - Coming off their Bye they head into Chi-town to face the Bears; maybe the Lions D can get pressure on Jay Cutler, unlike a certain "bird" team  that couldn't last week

7. Patriots (5) - The Brady Bunch better get the ship righted and soon; they head to NYC to take on the J*E*T*S

8. Saints (N/A) - Can they make it two division wins a row as they take the Falcons?

9. Steelers (8) - Can they make it two division losses in a row as they take on the Bengals?

10. Colts (N/A) - Wanted to see if you were paying attention; really no other team deserves this spot so the hell with it, it's the Colts this week

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