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Eagles Bench DeSean Jackson: Could He Be On His Way Out of Philadelphia?


DeSean Jackson appears to be the latest member of the Philadelphia DeSean jacksonEagles to be on his way out. Yesterday's benching by head coach Andy Reid was the low-point of the season for Jackson, who is having a subpar season.

Prior to the season, Jackson was complaining about his contract and decided to hold out of most of training camp. Before the season, it didn't seem too unreasonable to suggest he should receive a contract similar to the one Santonio Holmes received from the New York Jets. The Jets signed Holmes for 5 years and $45.5 million. Then rumors surfaced that he wanted a deal somewhere between the Holmes contract and Larry Fitzgerald's 8-year $128 million megadeal.

It was popular opinion that Jackson should have had his contract upgraded.  He was coming off a season where he averaged 22.5 yards per reception and had  8 total TDs. Turn the page and there are far less people in Jackson's corner, especially after yesterday.

Two months later, it's clear that Jackson is either flat our lazy, doesn't care about this team, or he is just disinterested. His lackluster play is the embodiment of this dreadful 3-6 Eagles team. With just over 500 yards and a measley 2 touchdowns in 8 games, he's not even worth $5 million a year, let alone $10 million per season.

After yesterday's benching, this certainly won't improve his situation with the Eagles. If anything he's one step closer to punching his ticket out of town. Perhaps the Eagles can franchise him then trade him in the offseason - so they get some value out of him.

When you consider how mediocre he is this year - would you want to pay this guy $10 million a year over 5 seasons? It's clear he is a prima donna and not the type of player the Eagles need. He has even said it himself that he won't go over the middle so he can "preserve his health."

Furthermore, his agent Drew Rosenhaus has not had a good relationship with the Eagles, particularly in 2005 when he fueled the fire that was known as The Terrell Owens Debacle.

Now there are rumblings that Jackson's teammates are sick and tired of his attitude. He reportedly is more concerned about his contract than winning games. According to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, Jackson is in danger of losing the locker room.

With the Eagles' disastrous loss to the Cardinals, it's the type of loss which could put the nail in the coffin. It harkens back to 2005 when Donovan McNabb went down for the count against the Cowboys on Monday night.

It seems like eons ago when Jackson pulled off The Miracle at The Meadowlands 3.

Photo of Jackson from zimbio.com

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