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NFL Power Rankings Week 11: Ravens and Lions plunge while Patriots and Saints rise


Hello boys and girls... Well did I call it or did I call it? The Ravens were ripe for proverbial trap game and sure enough they lost to the She-Hawks, who are actually playing better of late. And as for the Eagles, well... let's not even go there. joe flacco seahawks game

Let's get to getting. Last week's power ranking in parenthesis...

1. Packers (1) - Can the Bucs beat the Pack this week? Sure they can. Will the Bucs beat the Pack this week? No, but it will be closer than people think... 
2. Niners (2) -  Very impressive win over a very good Giants team.
3. Giants (3) - Yes they were #3 last week, and yes they lost last week, but the teams directly behind them also lost and some looked very bad in doing so (i.e. the Ravens).
4. Patriots (7) - Big time win going into NYC and beating the Jets.
5. Saints (8) - Tell me again why the Falcons went for it on 4th down in OT again...
6. Steelers (9) - Statement win going into Cincy and besting the upstart Bengals.
7. Texans (N/A) - Don't look now kids but the Texans are very good... oops, if Matt Schaub misses any significant time, not a good prognosis for them going forward.
8. Bengals (6) - Out of the fire and into the frying pan as the Bengals head into Baltimore to take on the Ravens- a team who will surely not be in a welcoming mood.
9. Ravens (4) - Like the Steelers this past week, the Ravens need to make a statement this week.
 10. Bears (N/A) - Extremely impressive against the fading Lions; the Bears play host to the equally fading Bolts  this week.

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