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Philly2Philly Gridiron NFL Picks Week 11: Will the Eagles Play Spoiler and Beat the Giants?


Philly2Philly Gridrion NFL PicksBoy was I terrible last week! I had just 3 wins to go along with 13 losses.

Josh led the way last week with 9 wins. I hope if you did happen to look at our picks that you chose the opposite of whatever I picked. If you did then you likely won your pool. If you followed my advice (highly unlikely unless you're on LSD) then shame on you!

The Eagles' season for all intents and purposes ended last Sunday with their crushing defeat to the Cardinals. While they aren't mathematically elimiated just yet - they are done. They will have to go 7-0 to finish 10-6 and when you consider that they lost head-to-head to the Bears and Falcons - who will likely finish 10-6 they will not get in as a wildcard. And, they haven't even (lost to) played the Lions yet who stand to go 10-6.

It's time to put a fork in them. With that said, can they play spoiler this weekend and beat the Giants? The answer is a flat out no. This team is not just playing bad football, but uninspired football. They look like a lifeless bunch out there, which is looking to get their coach fired.

Eagles fans, when Howard Eskin even says Andy Reid is likely to be fired this season then you know he's finished. Look for them to fall to 3-7 this Sunday at the Meadowlands. There won't be a "Miracle of the Meadowlands" this year to save their season.

Our team is split on the Eagles against the Giants. Jesse and myself are picking the Giants, while Steve and Josh are picking the Birds to come up with a W.

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Now, here are our Gridiron NFL Picks for Week 11:

NFL Week 11
Dennis Steve Josh Jesse
Last Week 3-13
8-8 9-7
Total 86 - 60 93- 53 74 - 72
88 - 58
Broncos - Jets
Jets Jets Jets Jets
Panthers - Lions
Lions Lions Lions Lions
Jaguars - Browns
Jaguars Browns Jaguars Browns
Bucs - Packers
Packers Packers Packers Packers
Cowboys - Redskins
Cowboys Redskins Cowboys Cowboys
Bills - Dolphins Bills Bills Bills Bills
Raiders - Vikings
Raiders Raiders Vikings Raiders
Bengals - Ravens
Bengals Ravens Ravens Ravens
Seahawks - Rams
Rams Rams Rams Seahawks
Cardinals - 49ers
49ers 49ers 49ers 49ers
Titans - Falcons
Falcons Falcons Falcons Falcons
Chargers - Bears
Bears Bears Bears Bears
Eagles - Giants
Giants Eagles Eagles Giants
Chiefs - Patriots
Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
Byes: Texans, Colts, Saints, Steelers

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