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NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Packers keep top spot, but 49ers are gaining


Wow was I wrong about the Chargers righting the ship this past week. Of course who knew Philip Rivers would go all Romo on us and fumble away a game.

Let's get to getting. Last week's power ranking in parenthesis...

1. Packers (1) - Speaking of Mr. Rivers, Mr. Rodgers brings his neighborhood to San Diego this week; my spidey senses are telling me to watch out for the Bolts this week.49ers photo: blog.sfgate.com

2. Niners (3) - Wasn't pretty but... the Boys By the Bay head to DC  and God only knows what Skins team will show up.

3. Giants (4) - Ditto on the "wasn't pretty" line but the G Men keep finding ways to win; they head to Foxboro this week to face the Brady Bunch.

4. Ravens (6) - Let's make this a theme; Wasn't pretty but... This week of course they had to Pittsburgh for the epic rematch form Week 1.

5. Patriots (2) - Look for Tom Terrific to get 'er done this week vs. the Giants.

6. Bengals (7) - Should a win over the She-Hawks even count?

7. Lions (8) - Should a win over the Bronc-Lows even count?

8. Steelers (10) -  Big win over the Pats and now of course they have but one word on their mind: Revenge.

9. Bills (N/A) - Huge AFC East tilt vs the Jets this week.

10. Eagles (N/A) - More a reflection of no one else deserves this spot than how the Eagles really are; yes, it was a nice win but it was one win, kids and they are still 3-4.

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Photo: blog.sfgate.com