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NFL Power Rankings Week 12: Thanksgiving Will Reward The Detroit Lions With a Victory Over the Packers


Well Eagles fans, we're Super Bowl bound, right?

Not quite... Birds are still 4-6 in case anyone other than Ray Didinger is paying attention.
Let's get to getting. Last week's power ranking in parentheses...

1. Packers (1) - The Packers will lose to the Lions on Thanksgiving... mark it down. lions packers
2. Niners (2) - Who will win the Harbaugh Bowl? Don't know but it should be a whole lot of fun.
3. Patriots (4) - Who is the Chiefs QB these days? Never mind, doesn't matter. Brady vs. Juan Castillo. Hmmm... wonder who gets the best of that duel?
4. Saints (5) - Welcome the G Men following their Bye Week; a must win for both teams...
5. Steelers (6) - Off their Bye Week, they head to KC to play waiver wire pickup Kyle Orton and the Chiefs.
6. Texans (7) - 3rd straight team coming off their Bye in the rankings; The Leinart-led Texans head to Jacksonville.
7. Giants (3) - They need to make a statement this week in the Big Easy.
8. Ravens (9) - Big win over the big cats (Bengals) and can make a huge statement with a win over the Niners in the Harbaugh Bowl
9. Bears (10) - No Cutler for at least the rest of regular season, they will now start Josh McCown who was signed today.

10. Lions (N/A) - I repeat - the Packers will lose to the Lions on Thanksgiving... mark it down.

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