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Video: Eagles disgraced by Patriots- The Morning After


Morning campers,
For those old enough to remember the show ‘What's My Line?’ you’ll know that the REAL Eagles team stood up yesterday.

Make no mistake about it boys and girls, Andy Reid's time in Philly should be over... operative words being should be because we all know that Jeffrey "Gold Standard" Lurie  and Joe "All In" Banner are in no hurry to pay TWO coaches.

And we also know how much they love them some Big Red because Big Red gets them to the playoffs...

Oops. Well, he used to anyway.

And Big Red packs the house and wins at home...

Oops. Well, he used to anyway.

Hmmmm... wonder with J & J will think now that Andy won't be going to the playoffs, doesn't win at home and doesn't pack 'em in anymore?

Here's my TMA video rant with improved lighting... at least I think it's improved.



Til next time and as always...

Time's yours. Food's mine.

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