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Philly2Philly Gridiron NFL Picks Week 9: The Eagles Will Continue Their Winning Ways Against Bears on Monday Night


Philly2Philly Gridrion NFL PicksSteve O, Jesse, and myself were tied for tops in wins  last week with 10 each, while Josh had 9. The Eagles whooped the Cowboys like they haven't in years -  defeating them 34-7.

This week the Eagles are on primetime once again and at home as they take on the Chicago Bears at the Linc on Monday Night.

As always, stopping running backs will be the biggest chore for this defense. Matt Forte is among the best in the NFL and is the one difference-maker on the Bears offense. Jay Cutler, like Tony Romo is a turnover machine. Should the Eagles blitz early and often against Cutler then this will be an easy win. I think they'll follow the same blueprint from last week and win this game easily. 

The rest of our panel is in agreement.

UPSET PICK:  I am picking the Jets over the Bills. The Jets are having a somewhat down year thus far while the Bills are one of the surprises of this season. Look for the Jets D to put it together against Ryan Fitzpatrick and company this week.

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Now, here are our Gridiron NFL Picks for Week 9:

NFL Week 9
Dennis Steve Josh Jesse
Last Week 10-3
10-3 9-4
Total 76 - 40 79 - 37 58 - 58
73 -42
Dolphins - Chiefs
Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs
Seahawks - Cowboys
Cowboys Cowboys Seahawks Cowboys
Bucs - Saints
Saints Saints Saints Saints
49ers - Redskins 49ers 49ers 49ers 49ers
Jets - Bills
Jets Bills Bills Bills
Browns - Texans Browns Texans Texans Texans
Falcons - Colts Falcons Falcons Falcons Falcons
Bengals - Titans
Bengals Bengals Titans Bengals
Broncos - Raiders Raiders Raiders Broncos Raiders
Patriots - Giants Patriots Patriots Giants Patriots
Packers - Chargers Packers Chargers Packers Packers
Steelers - Ravens Steelers Steelers Steelers Ravens
Rams - Cardinals Rams Rams Rams Rams
Bears - Eagles
Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles
 Byes: Jets, Panthers, Lions, Jaguars, Vikings

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