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Eagles Lose to the Bears - The Morning After


Morning campers,

Gonna just get right to getting if that’s ok with you and even if it’s not.

And I think it’s a good time to go chronological style…

8:37 – still waiting for the game to start; they are supposed to start at 8:30, right?

8:41 – Opening kickoff by Eagles K Alex Henery; short, too short.

8:43Matt Forte  just runs through a hole the size of Andy Reid’s appetite… not a good start.

8:45 – Could’ve sworn Mike Tirico just said “Bill Barber in the backfield”; he actually said “Still Barber (as in Marion) in the backfield.”

8:47 – Bears are running at will on this porous Eagles run defense.

8:49 – Am thinking of cracking open the case of peanut butter Tastykake Kandy Kakes I brought with me to MQs.

8:52 – Bears score  a TD after Jay Cutler  had about 2 months to pass; ok, maybe 1 month; terrible start by the Birds D

8:59 – Eagles fail to take advantage of kickoff out of bounds; Shady touched the ball a grand total of 1 time on first series and gained, er lost, 4 yards; ok, so bad start by defense AND offense.

9:01 – MQ breaks into the Kandy Kakes; first pack of the nite; may not be the last.

9:02 – Gruden & Jaws fawning all over Jay Cutler; hey guys, Cutler blows, stop making him out to be Joe Montana.

9:04 – Bears flagged for lack of math skills; 12 men on the field.

9:07 – Just wondering is an Eagles LB capable of covering a living soul?

9:08 –  Eagles starting to stop the run; have zero pass rush however; ZERO.Kandy Kakes photo:

9:11 – Eagles D holds; still ZERO pass rush; Jay has yet to be hit; this has to change.

9:16 – Gruden has mastered the prerequisite trait needed for every color man in any sport; hyperbole… Lord Jon, is every player who makes a play the greatest player ever or does it just seems that way?

9:22 – Eagles actually take a good timeout; key 3rd and short coming up; get the right play called.

9:24 – Angry Birds star in a pistachio commercial; Good God; not see many Angry Birds on the field, however... 

9:25 – Shady gets the first; they need to keep giving him the ball.

9:26 – First play in the Red Zone, we see the Michael Vick  from the first five games; he throws a pick into double coverage; unbelievable; cannot turn the ball over but especially in the freakin’ Red Zone!

9:31 – 3rd and long; still no pressure; Bears get the first down thanks to poor tackling; Man does this game look a lot like the first 5 games… Is it illegal for the Eagles to hit the opposing QB? Just curious…

9:34 – Bears 10, Eagles 0 following long FG; this game is UG-LEE…

9:37 – Good Lord are there a ton of freakin’ commercials? Damn advertisers..

9:40 – Ok enough with that damned delay handoff to Shady; My God, does this look like the first five games? I know I’ve said that already but it happens to be the truth.

9:46 – Eagles OL looks, well like … say with me, the first five game – in other words, they look like crap.

9:49 – Birds get on the board with little Alex (he looks like he should be going to a high school dance) barely and I mean barely making a 47 yard FG; this game has no business being this close as the Bears are outplaying them in every facet.Esther Rolle photo: uptownmagazine.com

9:55Brian (don’t call me Esther) Rolle just made one helluva play; stripping Forte then taking the fumble to the house; if it stands we got ourselves a tie game.

9:57 – Hard to believe Harry but this game is now tied at 10 although Mike Tirico just said the Eagles have scored two touchdowns.

9:59 – Henery kicks off to the 10? WTH? Is his leg that weak?

10:05 – Jeezus are you freaking kidding me? This game is so much easier when you don’t turn the ball over. DeSean gives the ball right back to the Bears.

10:07 – Horrific roughing the passer penalty as Babin clearly was pushed into the QB; absolutely horrific penalty; These freakin’ QBs are treated like china dolls.

10:12 – Jeremy Maclin drops a wide open pass; DeSean fumbles a punt; not a good half for the Eagles wideouts.

10:14 – Halftime; is Jason Avant  playing tonite? Haven't heard his name called once. Very touching Buddy Ryan tribute. Those were indeed the good ol' days. Too bad Seth (Joyner) and Clyde (Simmons) couldn't suit up..........

10:18 – I decide to watch the 2nd Half at Casa de Olenski; I leave MQ and the box of Kandy Kakes behind.

10:40 – Make it home just in time to see Ronnie Brown score his first TD as an Eagle and as a LeSean McCoy owner (fantasy football) let me just say how absolutely thrilled I was by that sight; as an Eagles fan however, well that’s a different story.

10:47 – Matt Forte clearly fumbles, his second of the game; official ruled down on the play,/no fumble as replay shows the exact opposite; not a good night for the zebras to say the least; Big Red tosses the challenge flag.Buddy Ryan photo: bleacherreport.com


10:52 - Shady scores from 35+ out; someone needs to explain to me why he has so few touches tonite so far; few touches in comparison to the previous two games that is.

10:56 - Eagles kick coverage has been exemplary so far; very impressive.

10:59 - It's pretty obvious if you want to run on the Eagles, run to the side Jason Babin is; but I know, he's not paid to stop the run; of course tonight he and Trent Cole are not earning their money rushing the passer, either... at least not yet anyway.

11:01 - Lord the Eagles can't even get a sniff of Cutler; pass rush is completely non-existent tonight even when the Birds blitz.

11:07 - Bears drive the length of the field, almost; to get within 4 as the 3rd Q comes to a close; the Eagles have to find some way to get pressure on Cutler for if they do, Jay will throw a pick for sure.

11:09 - Big drive for the Birds; cannot go 3 and out.

11:10 - Jon Gruden showing man love for Lance Briggs, again; Good God Jon, enough already.

11:12 - Of course the Eagles do what else? Go 3 and out as DeSean alligator arms one on 3rd Down.

11:15 - Are you freaking kidding me? Cutler WANTS to be sacked yet there's no one there to grant his wish so he gets up and completes a pass...

11:17 - News come over that Joe Frazier has passed away; Rest In Peace Smokin' Joe.

11:18 - Bears go up 27-24 and if the Eagles lose, this loss will be squarely on the shoulders of the Eagles Defense; especially the line and DBs

11:26 - Great call by Andy Reid on a fake punt; yes I said it, great call; yes it failed miserably as Birds' punter Chas Henry threw a 10 yard pass that went 8 yards but I still love the call; now let's see the Eagles D get the ball right back.Joe Frazier photo: ronsond.blogspot.com

11:30 - Haven't said this in a while but there's those missed tackles again and yes, it looks a lot like the first five games; pathetic.

11:32 - The Eagles do not deserve to win this game as their defense is so bad; oh yeah, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie? Yeah, he blows just in cas you were curious... 

11:35 - And there it is, a wasted timeout by the Eagles; why do I think they're gonna need this TO later? But again this all falls on the defense; Juan, not your best game booby... Jeezus

11:45 - Vick gets hit hard, again; Are Trent Cole and Jason Babin watching this? Yes guys, this is how it's done

11:46 - Are you kidding me? The Eagles just ran that same freakin' play to Shady; the delayed draw or whatever the hell it's called; are you kidding me?! Wait to show some creativity Andy and Marty... Shocking it was as if the Bears knew it was coming; play calling is deplorable! 

11:49 - How appropriate is this? Maclin catches the ball but stumbles short of the first down; ball game; what a joke; what a pathetically bad team and why what's that? Why yes the Eagles could have used that timeout they burned earlier in the quarter. Huh, imagine that? 

This was the fourth time the Eagles have blown a 4Q lead to lose a game this year.

That is the mark of a bad team, kids. 

'Til next time and as always...

Time's yours. Food's mine.

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Kandy Kake photo:  thedailypage.com

Esther Rolle photo: uptownmagazine.com

Buddy photo: bleacherreport.com