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NFL Power Rankings Week 13: Patriots rise to #2 with blowout over Eagles


Ok, so maybe Lions over the Packers prediction  didn't quite go as planned. eagles patriots
Let's get to getting. Last week's power ranking in parentheses...
1. Packers (1) - I'd like to say they'll lose to the Giants this week but...
2. Patriots (3) - Fire Andy! Fire Andy! Sorry, got carried away there, I gotta go a better job of staying focused
3. Saints (4) - Who would sign off right now on a Saints/Packers NFC title game? I know I would and I would take the over...
4. Steelers (5) - Lord that was one ugly win over the Chiefs last week
5. Texans (6) - Needless to say the Texans' defense  needs to win some games here; or ALL of them
6. Ravens (8) - Impressive and workman-like win over the Niners on Thanksgiving
7. Niners (2) - They will take out their frustrations on the hapless Rams this week
8. Bengals (N/A) - Any team that can play defense is one to be reckoned with, unlike a certain "green" team who shall remain nameless
9. Raiders (N/A) - See above
10. Broncos (N/A) - C'mon admit it, you Tebowed...

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