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Eagles defeat Dolphins - The Morning After


Morning campers,

the morning after

After hearing from the masses, I have decided to shelve the video version of The Morning After and return it to its original roots... the pen, er the keyboard. 

I realize now that my videos, while campy to some, were downright frightening and even boring to others. So far be it from yours truly to not listen to the people... 

Yesterday I was back in my normal stead, directly to the left of MQ and as we dined - no not on danger, that's reserved for The Road Warriors - on cheesesteaks, stromboli and chips, we watched what surely started out as another Eagles tour-de-farce but quickly escalated into a fish fry. 

Let's get to getting...

During the pre-game show on Fox, Jimmy Johnson made reference to the fact that in his opinion over half of the head coaches in the NFL are not very good at clock management. He brought up this "timely" topic in the context of Cowboys' head coach Jason Garrett's inexplicable timeout at the end of last week's game vs. the Cardinals, which ultimately cost the 'Boys the game and maybe even a playoff spot.

Of course as I heard JJ bring this up I could not help but wonder on which line of demarcation Andy Reid  would fall on - the less than half who are able to manage the clock or the 50+ percent who aren't. 

Ok, I'm kidding... like anyone would have to think twice about where Big Red would fall...

Although, and this is surely a sign that there is a Santa Claus and we are in the season of miracles (more examples of this later) the Eagles actually... hang on to your knickers, made it all the way to the 2:00 minute warning in the first half with all 3 timeouts still intact.Skydiving Santa photo: webcooltips.com

I know... I know. I couldn't believe it, either.

Once again, the Eagles' first offensive play was a pass... ho hum. But this one was almost... almost picked off and returned for a TD. 

Of course just a few plays later, Jason Avant played turnstile and let a Dolphin amble untouched to block an Eagles' punt. Only 3 plays after that it was 7-0 Fish... not a good start at all.

Fox color commentator Tim Ryan is one of my all time favorites and yes he once again butchered the pronunciation of Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Morninweg's last name. I say 'once again' because he has been doing this for as long as I can remember. As for reasons known only to him, he continues to pronounce it Morn-Hen-Wheg when the proper enunciation is Morn-in-wheg. 

And had he 'only' mispronounced his name, I would've let him slide and not even wasted my time in commenting on it but.. when he said at one point in the game that the Eagles haven't led in many games this year... 

He was making a point about how the Eagles' defense likes to play with a lead as they can be aggressive with their wide-nine strategy. He essentially inferred that if the Eagles had had the lead more often this year their defense would be markedly better. 

Does someone, anyone want to tell ol' Tim just how many leads... how many FOURTH QUARTER LEADS  the Eagles' defense has blown this year?

Yeah, I know... it's not worth it. 

I would be remiss if I did not bring up the recent events at my children's school

desean jackson and jeremy maclin

Last week two of the NFL's brightest stars, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin paid a visit  to Our Lady of Calvary School in NE Philly. They were there as part of NFL Play 60 and to deliver a check in the amount of $10,000. 

Here's how it all came about...

The president of the Our Lady of Calvary Home & School Association, AKA my wife Terri, heard about a contest being run by the NFL and the United Way as part of the NFL Play 60 called "Back to Football Friday" - a nationwide campaign which celebrated the return of football and help tackle childhood obesity.

Each and every school from around the country were given the chance to show off their respective team's pride plus show a commitment to youth health and wellness for a chance to be one of only 34 in the entire country to receive a $10,000 grant. 

Click here to read the whole story and click here or on the image to see the video segment from PhiladelphiaEagles.com.

Now I don't expect many of you to know what movie that line is from much less know who said it - except for MQ, Joe Vallee, my brother Greg, Rich Romig and maybe a few chosen others. The answer is below...

But as promised here's some more examples from yesterday's game that proves that yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus and this is indeed the season of miracles. 

*Asante Samuel recovered a fumble. Ok, that's not a sign of miracles but what if I told you before the game he would actually cause the fumble? And what if I also told you he would also deliver a very physical blow to an opposing receiver? You would tell me that if these things happened, then you would believe in miracles.

Need more proof?

*What if I told you Casey Matthews would register a sack? Hey if reindeer can fly Casey Matthews can get a sack, right? Of course he should've also given up a TD later in the game but was saved by a simply horrific throw by Dolphins' backup QB JP Losman... but who's counting?

*Jason Peters was not flagged once for a false start. I know, this whole miracle thing is quite... miraculous isn't it?

*When the Eagles needed just a few yards for a TD, they actually ran the ball and yes they gave the ball to LeSean McCoy. Ok, they did throw it once but it was only once - it was just once right? But the fact remains that they a) ran theSMOKEY ROBINSONball for a TD, twice and b) gave the ball to their best player in the process. Lord a fella could get used to this whole miracle thing.

*On their three Red Zone offensive possessions, the Eagles scored two touchdowns while holding the Dolphins to just one in their three times in the Red Zone. Wow, somebody call Smokey Robinson cause we got the Miracles.

Sorry, bad joke. But I'll have an even worse one for you soon...

It only stands to reason that the entire universe was in flux following Casey Matthews' sack. How else can you explain the next two plays?

The Dolphins punt to the Eagles who proceed to give it right back following a bizarre lateral from DeSean Jackson  to Curtis Marsh.

On the very next play, the Dolphins hand it right back to the Eagles after Jason Babin stripped the ball from Dolphins' QB Matt Moore with the subsequent fumble being recovered by the Birds. 

**Warning - very bad, sophomoric humor coming**

Discussing Asante Samuel's penchant for baiting opposing QB's, Fox play-by-play man Chris Myers referred to him as a "baiter."  

So I wondered aloud if Asante was the best at being a "baiter" would that make him a master...?

Sorry... I apologize for my extremely rude and crass humor... it will probably never happen again.


*The Eagles' offensive line was quite offensive was it not? Sheesh, they couldn't pass block. They couldn't run block. Perhaps that is why this alarming stat is all too true...

After scoring their 24th and last point with a little less than 5 minutes to play in the 1st Half the Eagles ran 32 offensive plays for a grand total of 67 yards with 29 of those yards coming on one play, a long completion to Riley Cooper. So if you subtract that one play, that would be 31 plays for a total of 38 yards. 

Now my numbers may be slightly off - may have missed a play, but the point is clear and that is once again the Eagles failed to put a team away. And had it not been for some terrible play by the opposing offense they very well could've lost the game.

It is something definitely to keep in mind as you bask in the glow of the victory.

*Man did Derek Landri come to play or what? That guy was everywhere and his effort was outstanding the entire game

*And speaking of effort, one player aside from Shady who has brought the effort game in, game out this year has been Brent Celek. His refusal to go down until after he had passed the 1st down marker in the First Quarter was a classic example of one player taking it upon himself to show others what true effort looks like

*I don't know if anyone knows this or not but there's a new Sherlock Holmes movie  coming out soon. Sweet mother of God how many freaking previews for one stinking movie can an audience be subjected to before a flag is thrown for Illegal Use of Ad Dollars? 

As for "It's Christmas Theo, it's the time of miracles..." die hard

It is from the movie Die Hard and is said by one of all time greatest movie villians Hans Gruber, brilliantly portrayed by Alan Rickman. 

In the picture that's Hans in the suit and Theo right behind him...

'Til next time and as always...

Time's yours. Food's mine.

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