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Philly2Philly Gridiron NFL Picks Week 15: The Eagles' Phony Playoff Hopes End Sunday Against the Jets


Philly2Philly Gridrion NFL PicksJosh led the way last week with 14 wins and the rest of the field wasn't too shabby either. Steve, Jesse, and myself rounded out the field with 13, 11, and 12 wins respectively.

The Eagles surprised many including myself with their blowout over the Dolphins. I didn't think the Eagles stood much of a chance against the resurgent Dolphins who had won 4 out of 5 games.

That's why you play the games. On any given Sunday as they say...

This week they take on a Jets team with much more talent on both sides of the ball. The Eagles' (fools-gold) "dream" of going to the playoffs as an 8-8 team will end this weekend when they lose to the Jets. Running back Shonn Greene has been much more effective the past few weeks, with 3 TDs against the Redskins, and 129 yards and 1 TD against the Chiefs. The Jets' offensive line should have no problem dominating the Eagles' front seven and allowing Greene to run wild.

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Now, here are our Gridiron NFL Picks for Week 15:

NFL Week 15
Dennis Steve Josh Jesse
Last Week 12-4
13-3 14-2
Total 126 - 82 135- 73 120 - 88
132 - 76
Jaguars - Falcons
Falcons Falcons Jaguars Falcons
Cowboys - Buccaneers
Cowboys Buccaneers Cowboys Cowboys
Bengals - Rams
Bengals Bengals Rams Bengals
Panthers - Texans
Texans Texans Texans Texans
Seahawks - Bears
Seahawks Bears Seahawks Seahawks
Redskins - Giants
Giants Giants Giants Giants
Titans - Colts
Colts Titans Titans Titans
Dolphins - Bills
Dolphins Bills Bills Dolphins
Saints - Vikings
Saints Saints Saints Saints
Packers - Chiefs
Packers Packers Packers Packers
Lions - Raiders
Lions Raiders Lions Lions
Browns - Cardinals
Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals
Patriots - Broncos
Patriots Patriots Broncos Patriots
Jets - Eagles
Jets Jets Eagles Jets
Ravens - Chargers
Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens
Steelers - 49ers
Steelers 49ers Steelers Steelers

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