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Eagles' playoff hopes stay alive in win over Jets- The Morning After


Morning campers,

Quite the Sunday in the National Football League I would say. No longer do we have undefeated team and also no longer have a winless team, as the Packers lost to the Chiefs and the Colts beat the Titans.

the morning after

Hard to believe Harry, but that's nothing compared to the improbable playoff run the Eagles are poised to go on once again.

Let's get to getting...

Forget Rudolph, for the second time this season Eagles DE Juqua Parker returned a fumble for a touchdown, the first coming in Week 1 against the Rams.

If it weren't for that less-than-Mensa moment in the Bills game when the entire free world knew they (the Bills) were trying to draw the Eagles’ defense offsides late in the game and somehow ol' Juqua still managed to jump offsides (thereby securing the Bills' victory), he would be having a very solid year, spelling the starting DE's on occasion in his backup role.

Didn't take a master sleuth like Sherlock Holmes to know that the Jets' Holmes (Santonio to you and me)  did not exactly have a bang up start to his day. It started with a fumble, which led to the aforementioned TD by Parker followed by a dropped pass deep in the Eagles end, which wound up being intercepted by Asante Samuel.

He redeemed himself somewhat catching a TD pass later in the game, but then promptly received a 15-yard penalty for basically being a jackass.Marv Albert

I love Marv Albert... I really do. The man and his hairpiece are truly American sportscasting icons in my humble opinion. And save for a few years when Marv got caught taking a... well let's just say for taking a bite out of life, he's been a mainstay on the American sports scene for many a decade.

A couple of Marv's gems from yesterday...

*At one point Marv decided to share some extremely important information about the referee of yesterday's game, the immortal Clete Blakeman. Marv told the listeners that in his spare time, Clete is also a lawyer.

Wow, that was good to know. I did a little digging and it turns out Clete is also an Aries who enjoys hot chocolate in the summer, playing Parcheesi, and reading the collective works of Jo Anne Worley.Jo Anne Worley

*Later in the game Marv took a huge chance by saying "We night see Vince Young come in to replace Michael Vick." Of course upon further review it wasn't that much of a gamble, considering that as Marv was saying this, we, the viewers were watching the same Vince Young trot onto the field.

Do you realize for the second straight week the Eagles' Curtis Marsh got off the hook right after committing a turnover?Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Last week after fumbling the ball away following the ill-advised lateral from DeSean Jackson on a punt return the Eagles' Jason Babin gave it right back to the Birds by stripping Dolphins' QB Matt Moore on the very next play.

And yesterday following another fumble on special teams he was saved the Eagles’ defense again as this time two plays later the Birds intercepted the Jets' QB Mark Sanchez.

Talk about being lucky... he may want to play the lottery or something.

I know MQ works for Social Security, along with my brother Joe and nephew Nick, but he should really think about offering his services as a consultant to the Eagles or some other professional football team.

Following the Eagles' second TD, they kicked off from midfield thanks to a penalty called on the Jets. MQ then turned to me and said "This is the perfect time for an onsides kick."

The Eagles did not take his brilliant and insightful advice for he was right...that was the perfect time for an onsides kick, what with the Jets reeling from falling behind 14-0, plus the fact the Eagles were kicking off from midfield. So even if the onsides kick failed, the Jets would not have had that great a starting field position.

A simply great idea that went unappreciated by those on the field but surely not by the man to his direct left.

What has happened to the Eagles' special teams? For the most of the season they were one of the few consistent aspects of this team.

Their coverage teams were solid on both punt and kickoff returns but lately... it has been one miscue after another. A blocked punt allowed here, a fumble there... and there. And all the while allowing significantly more return yardage by opposing teams.

I realize their best player, Colt Anderson is out for the year, but there is simply no way to pin ALL of this on his absence.

On one hand it is extremely exciting to know the Eagles have at their disposal one of, if not thee best running back in all of football in LeSean (Shady) McCoy.

On the other hand it's quite alarming and depressing at the same time to know what while it's great to have such a weapon, one cannot help but wonder how truly great he could be if he were being used properly and sufficiently.

Need I remind everyone of the games in which he touched the ball just a few more times than I did?

Didn't think so...

It is only human nature, at least it is for this human, to wonder aloud just where in the hell was this kind of effort we witnessed yesterday during the entire season... especially on defense.

Please spare me the "without a training camp or OTAs in the off-season that it of course took time for all the new parts to come together" argument. Last time I checked, every team was in the same boat; no training camp, no OTA's.

Clearly, the players are playing with more passion and more drive... it's as if they realize the magnitude of what may happen if they were to keep losing.

They could get a new head coach, one who won't take the blame for all their ineptitude, one who will speak the truth and call out a player if said player deserves to be called out.

What I mean is this: I hear all the time how hard the players play for Andy Reid. So why have they not played every game for him?

I don't think that's unreasonable question to ask, do you?

Before I go I want to wish everyone a safe and joyous Christmas and holiday season.

The Birds play on Christmas Eve and like many of you I will be with my family and while I will be watching the game of course, next week's TMA will fall on Christmas morning which means the TMA may be just a tad abbreviated.

'Til next time and as always...

Time's yours. Food's mine.

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