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Eagles spanked by Seahawks- The Morning After


Morning campers,
Well I don't know. It looks I'll have a lot of free time on Sunday afternoons for a while.
No, who am I kidding. Just as I say on the video below, I will keep watching. I think most of us will. Maybe we're just sadistic, we want to see just how low the Eagles can sink.

By the way did you notice the entire NFL Network  crew - Michael Irvin, Marshall Faulk, et al all picked the Eagles to win last night?

Seems they were fooled, too.

I say 'too' because I was fooled myself into thinking the Eagles would "step up."

No unfortunately the only direction the Eagles are going is down.

And by the way, how about Donovan McNabb?........How comical is he?.....


Til next time.

Time's yours, food's mine.



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