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Eagles Beat Cowboys But Are Eliminated From Playoff Contention - The Morning After


Good morning campers,

Welcome to the morning after The Morning After... See, that big fat bastard prevented me from posting the TMA in its normaltmatimeframe (The Morning After an Eagles game), and I don't mean Andy Reid.

No, I mean that other fat bastard who who would rather go through the air than on the ground; who only works once a year; who eats way too many cookies.

Wait, maybe I do mean Andy Reid.

Ok, ok... I kid. Obviously I am referring to Santa Claus and Christmas and all that good stuff and truth be told I am an old softy who loves a good traditional Christmas complete with Christmas music playing all around, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and grandma getting run over by any of several large deer of the genus Rangifer, of northern and arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and North America, both male and female of which have antlers.

Fortunately, my wife is just like me and every year she transforms our house into, yes... a winter wonderland full of holiday cheer and sights and sounds. That's just a random sampling (the picture to the right) of the incredible display my wife creates each and every year for Christmas in our home. image

I unfortunately didn't get to see much of the Eagles game (at least not the first half) what with Christmas Eve being a very special time for my family and I, as we all look forward to spending time with one another and bask in the glow of each other's company.

Man did that sound like something right out of Hallmark or what? Truth be told, I didn't see much of the game for the simple reason I didn't need to watch it. Yes, I was busy getting ready to head over to my sister's house for the night. BUT, had the Jets somehow beaten the Giants, you can bet your blitz package I would have found a way to watch, which more than likely would have involved my wife driving and me watching the game via my iPhone.

Of course, none of that was necessary as the Jets showed what an absolute fraud of a team they truly are. Lord that was painful to watch, but of course it should've never gotten to this point. The Eagles should have never been put themselves in the position of needing a pathetic excuse of a professional football team such as the Jets to keep their playoffs hope alive.

But it can't help me from wondering and playing the "What If?" game.Tony Romo photo: sbnation.com

What if the Jets had won...

Would Tony Romo  had tried to play through the injury to his throwing hand?

Would LeSean McCoy have tried to play through his injury?

What if Felix Jones had had more than four carries?

Would Jerry Jones  have needed to sleep with a nightlight on because he was so scared?

Obviously we'll never know the answers to these questions just as we won't know what we can truly take from this game in terms of plusses and minuses. 

From what I did see of the game, there was a definite intensity to the Eagles similar to what we've seen the previous two weeks, so that is a good sign as they maintained a level of interest and intensity. Tough to do after knowing their season would come to end after next week. 

But then again... how much resistance were they getting from the surely-looking-ahead-to-next-week Cowboys?

The same Cowboys team who had to also openly wonder who would be under center next week vs. the Giants for by the looks of things - and more importantly the size of things, as in the size of the swelling of Romo's injured hand - it was no sure thing #9 would be at QB for the Boys' come next Sunday night. 

As for the Birds, they of course have but one game left in an extremely disappointing and in many ways disheartening season. There are a countless number of questions the Eagles will face going into next season and I will address some of these in next week's TMA.


Oh sure I'll write about the game... a little but really will you care what happens on the field and the scoreboard?

Didn't think so...

Now if you will excuse me I am going to get back to playing with my Evel Knievel stunt cycle...

'Til next time and as always...

Time's yours. Food's mine.

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