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NFL Power Rankings Week 17: Patriots, Packers, and Saints Still at the Top


 Last week boys and girls.

Let's get to getting. Last week's power ranking in parentheses... Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees

1. Patriots (1) - Yes they won but they struggled at home vs. the Fish; don't see any way this team can make it to the Super Bowl with this defense which of course means it's bound to happen.

2. Packers (2) - There are definitely chinks in the Packers' armor but push comes to shove they will be a very hard out come playoff time.

3. Saints (3) - If they meet the Pack in the playoffs it will be the first team to 50 wins.

4. Niners (4) - I predicted a tough game on the road vs. the Seahawks last week and that's exactly what happened; good teams win on the road in tough environments; can they win in Lambeau?

5. Lions (5) - very impressive win over a surging Bolts team; they will need all cylinders to fire in harmony to make any noise in the playoffs.

6. Steelers (7) - No, last week's win over the Rams should not count; they better get Big Ben healthy.

7. Ravens (8) - Any team that plays defense always has a chance in the playoffs. Remember that kids.

8. Falcons (6) - They better hope that was an aberration against the Saints last week.

9. Bengals (N/A) - Simple. Beat the Ravens and they're in the playoffs.

10. Texans (9) - Any team that plays defense always has a chance in the playoffs. Remember that kids. 

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