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NFL Power Rankings Week 14: Packers survive Giants and remain at top spot


Came close on the Packers losing to the Giants although I never officially picked the G Men...
Let's get to getting. Last week's power ranking in parentheses...Olivia Newton John photo: whatculture.com
1. Packers - (1) - The Raiders to town this week; will be interesting to see if they pull an Olivia Newton John and try and get physical with Rodgers & Co.

2. Patriots (2) - The Patriots only beat the Colts by 7? Is that true? Maybe Brady & the boys felt bad for them...

3. Saints (3) - The Saints should expect a big dose of Chris Johnson this week from the Titans as they try and keep Drew off the field.

4. Steelers (4) - Big time statement win over the Bengals last week.

5. Texans (5) - Despite all their injuries, they are hanging tough, and now they have Jeff Garcia.

6. Ravens (6) - Colts coming to town; Ravens won't be as welcoming as the Pats.

7. Niners (7) - Ho hum so they beat the Rams; now the Niners get to beat the Cards... ho hum.

8. Broncos (10) - I don't how he does it, just that he does... it. #Tebow.

9. Jets (N/A) - Winners of two in a row... watch out for those J*E*T*S.

10. Giants (N/A) -  I know they lost last week but a) the rest of the teams stink and b) I think the Giants will use that game vs. the Packers to propel them against the Cowboys this week.

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Olivia Newton John photo: whatculture.com