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Philly2Philly's 2011 Super Bowl Commercials Recap: Bud Light, Eminem Chrysler 200, Roseanne, and Doritos are a mixed bunch


Philly2Philly’s Joe Vallee and Dennis Bakay give their take on the Super Bowl commercials.

Dennis’ take:

The Super Bowl Ads of 2011  were devoid of creativity or real humor in the first quarter. The first quarter was chock full of clunkers. There were not one, but two awful Doritos ads, a bad Bud Light commercial involving a kitchen renovation, and many more. Doritos Superbowl Ad. Photo: Examiner.com

Bud Light Kitchen Renovation Commercial

This poor excuse of an ad featured a kitchen, which was “renovated” with the key renovation being a bucket of Bud Light sitting on the island. Then a guy said, “it really opens the kitchen up.” Seriously? Is this what Bud Light considers clever.

Now, here’s Joe’s take:

Some of these commercials were SO plain, I actually asked my sister when the Super Bowl commercials were coming on. There were some good ones, but nothing blew me out of the water and not much is worth remembering.

Bud Light Kitchen Renovation Commercial

Totally agree. I expect more from Bud Light. However, they redeemed themselves with the second commercial.


As if the previous two Doritos commercials weren’t bad enough (the guy sniffing the other guy’s pants? Really?)  A guy’s friend resurrects his dead grandfather in the third one. Tasteless. I don’t care HOW powerful Doritos are.

The return of the automobile ads

It’s been several years since automobile companies have made an appearance on Super Bowl Sunday- and they needed some work. An Audi commercial with Kenny G? Kenny G isn’t even relevant anymore to where it’s considered “cool” to make fun of him. Hyundai was pretty plain. Chevy had nice special effects, and KIA and Volkswagon probably should get the most credit for its creative (albeit confusing) ads featuring aliens and indians, and a kid dressed as Darth Vader.

Most surprising commercial- Brisk Iced Tea featuring Eminem

Sure, Brisk has had some pretty neat commercials using claymation in the past (Sylvester Stallone as Rocky comes to mind), but finding Eminem in one of these commercials is not what anyone was expecting, considering that’s not really something he would lend his likeness to.

Go Daddy Commercial

Jillian Michaels= hot  

Danica Patrick= hot

Joan Rivers= NEVER HOT

Fast Five- You’re kidding, right?

Captain America Trailer: BAD ASS!

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Now back to Dennis for his take.

Coca Cola Dragon Commercial

Let’s see dragons, monsters, and a bunch of odd creatures. This has a lot to do with Coca Cola right? Yet another clunker of an ad. The geniuses in the ad agency who concocted this ad might have been hanging out with Charlie Sheen when they devised that one.

Star Wars Volkswagen Commercial

One of the best ones of the night an hour into the broadcast and by default. I don’t know what the hell a kid in a Darth Vader costume has to do with cars, but it was sort of clever and didn’t play into male chauvinism like many of the other ads this evening.

Roseanne and Richard Lewis Snickers commercial

The first “winner” of the night in my humble opinion. It featured a whiney Richard Lewis on a construction site. And, Roseanne Barr popped in and was distracted, thereby getting whacked with a log. It was short, clever, and witty. Just what a Super Bowl ad should be.

Joe’s take:

I think the concept is interesting there, although neither two have been really around much lately. Not as random as Kenny G, but random nonetheless.

Black Eyed Peas at halftime

Do they put THAT much crap on Fergie’s voice in the studio.....

Not even Slash could save THIS debacle. When the coolest part was Usher doing that crazy move, you know all hope is lost.

I want everyone to apologize to The Who RIGHT NOW!!

Dennis’ take:

Adrian Brody Stella Artois Commercial

Ok, this looked promising. Actor Adrien Brody was center stage inside a restaurant singing. The product being hawked? None other than Stella Artois beer. All in all I give them an A for effort for doing a beer commercial that wasn’t sexist or stupid and geared towards the “meat head” demographic of men. But, then again meat heads wouldn’t be drinking Stella Artois.

Eminem Chrysler 200 Commercial

I really dug this commercial. Detroit is a city rife with problems. If you think Camden is bad, Detroit has abandoned neighborhoods. Eminem pulls up in a Chrysler 200 and goes inside of a theatre and says, “this is what Detroit does.” I liked the positive message of this commercial. And, again it wasn’t another dumb car commercial. It had substance.

Joe’s take:

Stella Artois
Gee, should I buy my copy of “Adrien Brody Sings”?, Or should I just marvel at how the Oscar winner just sold out and made another commercial?


I agree, but there is something shady about Slim Shady doing two Super Bowl commercials. Very un-Eminem-like These commercials have ranged from random and weird to awesome and horrible.

Kim Kardashain commercial

Note to Kim: You're hot, but your time is running out!!!!

NFL Fans Commercial

Brilliant. Great special effects, great shows (Happy Days, Brady Bunch, Dukes of Hazzard). Awesome. Loved it!

Back to Dennis:

NFL TV Show Super Bowl Fans Commercial

It only took 3 hours, but finally a great commercial. I'm talking about the NFL fans commercial featuring scenes from all of the classics: The Office, Happy Days, Seinfeld, Cheers, Brady Bunch, and so many more. And, it was capped off by a South Park clip. It was fun, fast-paced and brilliant. Why can't large corporations like Bud Light or Coca Cola understand that sexist and dumbded down just isn't good enough?

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