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Jon Gruden to be named Eagles New Head Coach on Tuesday?


A source has told Philly2Philly to not be surprised if Jon Gruden is hired as the Eagles next head coach on Tuesday, replacing Andy Reid- whose been at the helm since 1999.

Does this make sense? Kind of. There have been rumors of discord between head coach Andy Reid and the Eagles management since the team's playoff loss to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers. Gruden however, has said he plans to return to ESPN in 2011. Moreover, would Gruden fire a recently hired Juan Castillo and hire a new defensive coordinator?

As you know, Gruden is no stranger to Philadelphia. He was the team's offensive coordinator under Ray Rhodes before leaving in 1998 to take the Raiders head coaching job. In January 2003, we all know what his Tampa Bay Bucs did to the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game. Gruden's team later trounced the Raiders to win the Super Bowl.

Can Gruden give the Eagles the Super Bowl the city and their fans are long overdue for? Or has someone started a malicious rumor to rile up Eagles fans?

Philly2Philly is all over this, so if there is validity to it, stay tuned!


3:10 PM
Mon Sep 10 2012
Good call on this one. 

Good call on this one.  Irresponsible journalism at it's best.  The author of this post should be fired immediately.  Jack-ass.

6:33 PM
Sun Oct 28 2012


it didn't happen nor did we ever claim it to be 100% valid. Thanks for chiming in a year and a half later........

7:36 AM
Tue Nov 13 2012
Ease up there, Bob Woodward,

Ease up there, Bob Woodward, with your "SOURCES"  Stop with the WE stuff.  Like you have a staff of minions working on these "stories" around the clock.  The truth is you write this drivel sitting in your Mom's basement.  You are no more a journalist than I am an astronaut.  Wait, that's NASA on the other line. SOURCES tell me that I'm scheduled to got up on the next mission to Mars.    Your sources??  You don't have any sources. Turn off the radio.  Stop listening to sports talk radio.  Move out of your Mom's house and get a job. 

  And you should get down on your hands and knees and thank me for "chiming in" at all.  By the deluge of other comments on your article, I'm surprised you had the time to reply.

The dryer buzzer just went off.  Go finish up the laundry and get back to your sources.  Jack-Ass!