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Top 5 Most Absurd Excuses for Skipping Work to Watch The NCAA Tournament


There comes a time every year when you see a co-worker skip work during the second or third NCAA Basketball photo: http://topuspost.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/ncaa-basketball-2010.jpgweek of March. It’s usually always on a Thursday, and this person coincidentally is a big sports fan.

You don’t know for sure, but you have a hunch that their excuse for “missing work”  is really a reason to watch the opening games of the NCAA Tournament.

Whether it’s a pool for your bracket you filled out, or just a reason to go to the bar and drink with the other guys that “took a sick day,” there are some absurd excuses that people often give for March Madness.

Heck, even President Obama filled out a bracket, and is getting total crap for it.  So we polled some of our loyal readers and staff to see what some of the most absurd excuses were. Some were printable, some were not (Shawn).

Nonetheless, here are the Top 5 in no particular order. Feel free to add you own in the comment box, but keep them relatively clean! Enjoy!

1. I got bit on the ass by a spider and won’t be able to sit down at my desk for two days: Dennis Bakay- Philly2Philly.com co-founder.

2. You had to have an emergency hysterectomy: Steve Loney- Philly2Philly.com reader.

3. I tell them I am saving them company money by taking a vacation cause I would be useless for two days otherwise: Steve La Monica- Bassist for The Absolute Zeros.

4. My dog ate my car: Steve Olenski- Philly2Philly.com contributor.

5. My father needs me to be home in case I run out of whiskey: Rich Quinones- Philly2Philly.com writer.

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