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Thanks to Eastern Conference Coach Of The Month Doug Collins, Sixers are turning heads


The Philadelphia 76ers have been earning themselves a little bit of attention since the NBA All-Star break a few weeks ago.
The team went on a season high 4-game winning streak, which put the club over the .500 mark.  Pretty impressive when you consider the team started 3-13.  It seems as though there is a new New Sixers coach Doug Collins has spearheaded the Sixers' resurgence. Photo:http://phillysportscentral.com level of excitement and energy in the Sixers’ style of play.
That’s a far cry from a year ago, when the team was a complete embarrassment to watch and had no clear direction or leadership from coach Eddie Jordan. They had nothing to play for, and the fans certainly had no reason to spend their time and money on a failing product.

Fast forward to the present and that’s now becoming a thing of the past, thanks to new coach Doug Collins.

Collins was recently named the Eastern Conference Coach of the Month for his achievements in February. The Philly fans know that he has been the winning spark plug to this organization all season long. Collins has captured the attention of these young players and has set goals for this team that are within their reach.

Collins took a team that started the year in horrible fashion and molded them into a solid playoff contender. He really works with the players during the games by mixing and matching a number of different line ups, working out the kinks that come with youth, and giving them opportunities to do great things on the basketball court night in and night out. To me, that builds a young player's confidence. It’s what good coaching is all about.

Don’t get me wrong, I'm not saying the Sixers are going to enter the playoffs, knock off teams like Miami, Orlando and Chicago and go all the way to win an NBA Championship. They definitely still have a long road ahead of them and have a number of holes to fill within their roster before they can be considered among the NBA's elite teams.

But for me to say that we are beginning to see that start of something special under the tutelage of Collins is in no way false. Even though the Sixers fell short Tuesday night against the Mavericks, there were a few positive things that came out of the game both on and off the court. They gave Dallas a run for their money and were in the game from start to finish. One of the main issues was not being able to get the job done from the free throw line. It was probably the difference between a big win instead of a close loss.

Overall, the fans seem genuinely excited for what should be an exciting new chapter in the team’s history. When they’re holding up signs that said "Sixers Basketball is BACK,” you can definitely sense that the philly fans are starting to relate to the team, as well as the new values being instilled by coach Collins.


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