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2011 NFL Schedules Released: Philadelphia Eagles Schedule Is A Mixed Bag


Despite having a lockout, the NFL has released regular season schedules for the 2011 season.

Your Philadelphia Eagles face the AFC East and NFC West teams this year. This marks the first time since 2007 since they faced the AFC East and it’s certainly a much stronger division than back in ‘07 when it was the Patriots and everybody else. They pulled a nice draw with the NFC West, which is an abominable division. They do face some tougher competition in the Falcons and Bears though for their other inter-conference games.

Here is the full rundown of the Eagles’ 2011 regular season schedule, which begins on Sunday September 11th.  

Week 1: Away against the St. Louis Rams

Week 2: Away against the Atlanta Falcons

Week 3: Home against the New York Giants

Week 4: Home against the San Francisco 49ers

Week 5: Away against the Buffalo Bills

Week 6: Away against the Washington Redskins

Week 7: BYE

Week 8: Home against the Dallas Cowboys

Week 9: Home against the Chicago Bears

Week 10: Home against the Arizona Cardinals

Week 11:  Away against the New York Giants

Week 12: Home against the New England Patriots

Week 13: Away against the Seattle Seahawks

Week 14: Away against the Miami Dolphins

Week 15: Home against the New York Jets

Week 16: At the Dallas Cowboys

Week 17: Home against the Washington Redskins

All in all, the Eagles’ schedule is a mixed bag. They open up on the road against the Rams and Falcons - who are two very good home teams with the dome advantage.

They won’t play more than two games on the road in a row all season, which is a positive. And, they will get three straight home games following their bye week in week 7, which could give them a huge boost come midseason.

It would be an exercise in futility to analyze any matchups because with the lockout, everything is up in the air. Right now I can say the Eagles don’t match up well against the Patriots or Jets with their swiss cheese defense, but there’s a chance they can make some serious moves when free agency eventually takes place.

All told, the Eagles have a pretty favorable schedule, but let’s not even waste our time marking down W’s and L’s. In a normal offseason we could play that game, but with the 2011 nfl lockout, that’s a total waste of time.

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