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Flyers beat Sabres in Game 7, Phillies Fall to Second Place, and Sixers try to fight off elimination vs Heat



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How do you spell loser? B-U-F-F-A-L-O Flyers photo: Thumbnail: http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?t=863394

Well, it looks like Game 5 on Friday night is nothing more than a faded memory.

The Flyers are now 5-1 in first round Game 7 matchups, as they knocked off the Buffalo Sabres 5-2 at Wells Fargo Center Tuesday night.

The Flyers came out strong from the start. And with his six goals, Danny Briere was without question the MVP of this series. Brian Boucher was stellar, stopping 26 of 28 shots. Boucher is now 4-1 in the 2011 post season.  These two players alone are why I want to see the Flyers win the Stanley Cup.  

The orange and black can use the next few days off to rest Chris Pronger for their next series. Jeff Carter’s availability for the next round is unclear at this time. Rumors will not die that Carter might have an MCL tear.  The Flyers still don’t know who their opponent will be. If the Bruins beat the Canadiens in Game 7, the Flyers will play the Bruins. If the Canadiens win, the Flyers will play the winner of the Pengins/Lightning series.

Boston might not be a good matchup for this Flyers team. Add the revenge factor from last year’s playoff series plus the performance in net of Bruins’ goalie Tim Thomas, and this won’t exactly be a walk in the pak (No that is not a misprint, just a corny joke.).

And in an unrelated story, there were no reported beer tossings aimed at Sabres coach Lindy Ruff.

Phillies fall to second place. Offense a hair below life support. Oswalt possibly injured.

Things have gotten so bad for the Phillies’ offense that they couldn’t even keep Roy Oswalt from losing only his second game ever for the Phillies.  Questions about Oswalt’s back have once again become a concern.  The right-hander left Chase Field without speaking to reporters, and he only threw 57 pitches in the Phillies 7-5 loss tot he Diamondbacks.  

This offense is in a very bad way. Raul Ibanez is 0 for his last 25 and is now hitting .171, and Ben Francisco comes up small more than he comes up big.

Adding to the Phillies’ woes is the news that Jose Contreras will now possibly miss 3-4 weeks with a right elbow strain.  

Will the Fightins regain first place from the Marlins? Or was the team’s fast start a mirage in the wake of beating mediocre teams like the Astros, Padres, Mets, and Nationals?

Seems that the holes this Phillies team has have apparently been unmasked.

No time to fret, though. Phils play the rubber game of this series against Arizona at 3:40pm Wednesday.

Sixers try to fight off elimination, again.

The curtain could be falling on a strong turn-around season for the Sixers as they play the Heat in miami Wednesday night.

Win or lose, the Sixers gave it their all and will be back next year older and more experienced.


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