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Roy Oswalt is not injured, but it's something even more serious


Roy Oswalt’s back is not any worse, but his family might be in serious danger.The Phillies can ill afford to lose Roy Oswalt for an extended perios of time. Photo: www.upi.com

The Phillies right-hander left the team after last night’s loss against the Diamondbacks to be with his family in Mississippi. Major tornadoes have hit that area, resulting in death and destruction. It was almost a year to the day that Oswalt’s childhood home was destroyed by a tornado.

That could explain Oswalt’s 57 pitch effort Tuesday night.  He was seen talking on his cell phone not too long before he took the mound, so chances are he already knew of what had transpired in his hometown of Weir, Miss. before he pitched.

If things are as bad as it looks on the news, Oswalt understandably had more important things on his mind Tuesday night.

Phillies officials said they hope to have Oswalt back by next Tuesday, when he is scheduled to pitch against the Nationals.

Philly2Philly wishes the Oswalt family all the best as they deal with these severe weather issues. Something like this furthermore proves that baseball is indeed just a game.

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