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LeBron James plays more like a court jester then King, falls flat on his throne


Paging Mr. James! Paging Mr. James! Are you there? LeBron james photo: Lynne Sladky / AP
If anyone sees LeBron James, can you please contact the Miami police? He has been missing for a week now. And if anyone finds his guts, his heart, and his fire, please call the rest of the NBA as well as his teammates.

Yeap! So much for the “Big 3” and their inevitable championship run, which hit a brick wall in the Dallas Mavericks, who showed the rest of the world that it is better to be quiet and play the game than run your mouth and choke.

All the James’ and Heat haters out there have reason to smile and laugh, because the Heat fizzled against the Mavericks, who along with veterans and feisty role players claimed their first title by defeating the Heat, 105-95, and winning the series in six games.

Good for guys like Dirk Nowitzki, who was named Finals MVP, and veterans like Jason Kidd and Jason Terry as well as owner Mark Cuban. Dallas is a likeable bunch who just went about their business. They kept their mouths shut and when it was time to talk the talk, they walked the walked.

But what about James, who showed a lack of class throughout this series? He and teammate Dwyane Wade mocked a sick Nowitzki, celebrating too early on several occasions, and then made the now famous comments after the Game 6 loss when asked about the reaction from those that wanted to see him fail and are happy that he and the Heat lost.

“All the people that were rooting me on to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life they had before,” a defiant James said. “They have the same personal problems they had to today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want with me and my family and be happy with that.”

Get the Lubriderm out, because someone’s skin just cracked.

Unfortunately, for James the stats and the facts don’t lie.

For a player that some compared to Michael Jordan, the “King” played timid, he played scared, he disappeared in crunch time, and his legacy is tarnished forever. He can never be put in the same breath as Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Jordan. I don’t care if he wins 10 titles. His reputation to a major hit in this series, and he showed the world his true colors.One of these two has no ring. Photo: David J. Phillip/Associated Press

The players I mentioned all have something in common. They all demanded the ball under the most crucial and game-changing circumstances. They took their lumps when they failed, but at least they had the guts to do so.

They didn’t defer to players like Juwan Howard or Mike Miller.

They wanted to rip your heart out and watch you bleed, but not James, who played more like a jester than a king.

In fact, the only balls James showed were the ones he dribbled up and down the court during pre-game warm-ups. He played like a coward, he played with no passion, and it was embarrassing to watch.

In Game 6, James netted nine points in the games first few minutes, and in the process looking like he was ready to explode and carry Miami.

Then he vanished for 36 minutes, scoring just five points and turning the ball over. Worst of all, he looked passive and deferred to his teammates, hoping they would bail him out.  James ended the game with 21 points, but showed no mettle, no moxy, no passion, no will.

In Game 4, James scored just eight points in a game that changed the momentum of the series. With the Heat needing just one big play, one bucket to take a commanding 3-1 lead, James hid from the ball and the spotlight that he created for himself months ago. The Heat lost the game, 86-83.

Nowitzki, his counterpart, fought through a nasty sinus infection and the flu to spark his club to a 21-9 run over the final 10:12, lifting Dallas to a memorable three-point win.

In the final quarter, Nowitzki willed Dallas to the win, scoring 10 of his 21 points, including a gorgeous driving lay-up with 14.4 seconds to play, giving the Mavs the lead for good.

After clinching the title, Nowitzki was so overcome with emotion he walked off the floor, only to come back and celebrate with his team and the handful of Mavs’ fans that traveled to Miami.

As for James, he couldn’t get off the floor fast enough. I could go on and on about James, but I am just going to go back to my miserable, uneventful, no thrills life.

Anyway, it leaves me more time to polish up all those championship rings I have. In fact, I have the same amount of rings as the “King”.


Rich Quinones is a freelance sports broadcaster and sports writer with over 13 years of broadcasting experience, most recently spending the last three as afternoon drive-time host for 1290 The Ticket, a Fox Sports Affiliate in Delaware. He has worked for various news and sports radio stations in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Ohio and the “First State,” where he won numerous awards for his own-air work.

A national freelance sports correspondent for several different media outlets across the country, Rich has covered every sport over the years as well as the local teams in our backyard, and is known for his “hard-hitting,” passionate style behind the microphone. His work has been published online as well as in SJ Magazine and South Jersey Magazine. He is also play-by-play voice for the NAFL and served as lead blow-by-blow announcer for Dave Tiberi’s T.N.T Boxing. “Q” covers the sweet science on a daily basis and is set to launch his own show online. Rich is also an advocate for retired NFL Players, who are struggling in life since leaving the game and need some guidance. He has partnered up with several former NFL players, who also believe in this cause

Contact Rich at rquinonesmedia@hotmail.com

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