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Boston Bruins and their city one-up Philadelphia once again


With the Vancouver Canucks becoming the first Canadian hockey team to lose a Game 7 on their home ice, Boston has won yet ANOTHER championship. Parades are almost like drinking water in that town. Meanwhile, Philly is 0-2 in championship play since the city celebrated a sports championship just three years ago. I guess old habits do indeed die hard.

Are you a little miffed about this? Philly2Philly is, and Joe and Dennis are sounding off.

Joe's Take:Another Bosotn team winning a title. Photo: www.foxnews.com

You need to look no further at Boston’s sports teams as a reminder of what Philadelphia hasn’t done as a sports city.
Celtics NBA Titles: 15 more than the Sixers. Three since the Sixers’ last title.

Red Sox: Two World Series appearances since 2004. Two sweeps.

Patriots:  2005 STILL stings

Bruins: 2011 Stanley Cup Champions

Man oh man, the Flyers pissed off the Bruins SO bad last year that they one upped them after their darkest hour and won the whole damn thing. We can’t even bask in that miraculous comeback anymore because they have bettered us.


Boston is like the ex-girlfriend who ALWAYS lands on their feet, when you’re the one who is still searching for that brass ring. From the 1915 World Series, to the two million times the Celtics have beaten the Sixers in the playoffs.

Since the 1983-84 basketball season, Boston sports teams are 9-9 in championships. Our record since that time in championship play? 1-9. Philadelphia has 6 championships since 1967!!  

Our problem is, we are NEVER lucky enough to meet a Stanley Cup opponent who chokes on their home ice in Game 7, a Lakers team who doesn’t have Shaquille O’Neill dominating our center, a football team who doesn’t use video tape to spy on us, or the 2004 Yankees, who choked worse than any baseball team who has ever played.

Anytime Boston wins a title of any kind, it’s just a reminder of what Philadelphia hasn’t done and needs to do. It just gets old.

Hopefully, the Phillies can make a statement against the Sawx in two weeks, because October may possibly offer us a chance to get lucky for the second time in just 28 years.


Dennis’ take:

Many consider Boston to be Philadelphia’s brother. After all, both cities have been around since the days of the Revolution. And, Boston and Philadelphia fans are the most passionate in professional sports.

It is a sad state of affairs when you consider that Boston has had seven parades since 2002, while Philadelphia hasn’t had that many parades in half a century.

It’s well-documented that Philadelphia’s 25-year title drought is the longest in the history of sports for a city with four teams.

To put this into further perspective, the New England Patriots alone have as many championships (three) in the past decade as all four Philadelphia teams have had combined since 1980. Young Henry Ford photo: en.wikipedia.org

Now, this is where things get really painful. All told our four major sports teams have a combined nine titles in their collective franchise histories.  Yes, nine titles- and that includes the Phillies (two total championships), who have been around before cars were invented. Heck, they were founded (1883) when Ford Founder Henry Ford was just 20 years old!

The Sixers and Phillies have had just two titles each in their respective histories. Although if you want to be technical, the Sixers’ franchise has three titles since they won one in Syracuse. The Eagles may not have won that elusive Super Bowl, but they can lay claim to three NFL titles. Ironically, the birds have more titles than the other three majors.

The Flyers of course haven’t won since 1975 after winning back-to-back Stanley Cup Titles.

As Joe stated, the Flyers may have gotten over the Bruins last year, but they wound up getting a championship. And, it’s certainly plausible that the Flyers motivated the Bruins after coming back from an 0-3 deficit last year to knock them off in seven games.

Philadelphia sports is like a crime scene investigation. With the exception of 2008, we are left wondering what the hell happened and rationalizing why our teams can’t get it done.

To throw some extra salt in the wound I’ll reiterate a point I made in my daily column “The Omelette.”  Now that the Bruins are Stanley Cup champs, this marks the fourth team in the past year who knocked a Philadelphia out of the playoffs and went on to win a title.

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