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Brett Favre would be Eagles' biggest media circus since Terrell Owens


He is going to be 42 in the Fall, but maybe Brett Favre just has one more year (or two or three) of football left in him.Brett Favre would be Eagles' biggest media circus since Terrell Owens. Photo:www.technorati.com

There has been talk that Favre is rumored to be coming out of retirement (for the 40th time) to become the Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback to Michael Vick when Kevin Kolb is traded post NFL Lockout.

Can you even imagine the media frenzy that would hit this team if it was true? It probably wouldn’t be as crazy as when Terrell Owens arrived back in 2004, but it would be pretty close. Despite his limited role on the team, the Eagles would be a media circus again, and that might not be something Mr. Banner and Mr. Lurie might want. On the other hand, Favre might be an attraction, and no publicity is bad publicity, right? Except if you’re sexting Jenn Sterger pictures.

Before we go any further, it is 100% certain that  Favre would be a backup quarterback and nothing less, not the “missing piece” in a Super Bowl contending team like T.O. was. Favre would have to be a total buffoon not to realize for once this is not about him, although the media (as crazy as it sounds....) would try to make it out to be much more than it was.

Being that Mike Kafka would replace Kolb in the backup role if he is dealt, a veteran like Favre really wouldn’t be such a bad thing from an experience standpoint. Vick even recently went on record saying he would welcome Favre to the team without a problem.

Put aside his irrationality and ‘messages’ to Sterger and Favre could actually have a few more starts left in the tank if needed during the season. I know what you’re thinking: I said a few, not a lot. He’s always hated training camp, so this is like a dream for him. Look at the other options. Mark Bulger? He’s pretty immobile. Alex Smith? No, and he’ll probably stay with the 49ers anyway. Matt Hasselbeck? Not with the Eagles’ offensive line in question the way it is? Moreover, Favre has played with Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg.

Keep in mind that Brett Favre himself has not spoken publicly whatsoever about this, so who knows if this will even have legs. Either way, something tells me Favre wants to come back yet again.

What? After the last five years with this guy you’re going to tell me I’m wrong?................

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