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The Downside to Winning for Phillies and Eagles Fans


Has it really been seven months since I graced these hallowed halls with my final The Morning After following the Eagles' loss to the eventual Super Bowl champion Packers?

Wow, what have I been doing with myself all this time? Well, I'll save that for another day.

As for my rather oddly-titled post... I will admit on the surface it doesn't make much sense, I mean how could there be a downside to winning?

Well there is...

The downside to winning is we are now expecting it. As fans, aren't we all now looking at winning - at least from the Phillies and Eagles perspective, as something we take for granted?

I don't mean winning championships, but rather winning in the sense of being competitive and in the proverbial hunt, year in, year out. I heard someone on one of the sports talk radio shows use the word "window" as in "this team's window of winning is 3-4 years." We have all heard this phrase used ad nauseam- be it about Philly teams or any other team. Most of us have probably used the term ourselves as well.

There's nothing wrong with using it, only now it doesn't apply to the Phillies and Eagles.

There is no longer a window with these teams. Oh sure there may be a window that applies to a certain roster/group of players but from a franchise standpoint, there is no window. The window is perpetually open. See, when you establish yourself as a "winning" franchise" - again, not in the context of winning championships per se, but "winning" from a competitive perspective, you are now expected to remain at that level for, well, essentially forever.

Think about it... Do the Yankees have a window? Do the Patriots have a window?window

Sure, they may have a down year here and there but for the most part, they are right in the hunt every year and that's precisely what their fans have come to expect. Winning breeds winning, right?

Look, I am by no means complaining about the success of the Phillies and Eagles. I am 45-years old and I never thought I'd see the day when these teams become the kinds of teams other teams try to emulate. And I'm sure there are many like me out there who have lived through the seemingly endless stretches of wretched and pathetic teams; teams so bad we came to expect to lose, just as we now expect to win.

I am basking in the glory like everyone else right now and I surely hope this sense of expected winning and continual winning one day gets applied to the Flyers and Sixers.

But for the Phillies and Eagles and their management and us the fans... forget the "window" analogy. Throw it out the window, pun intended. We the fans will not sit idly by if for whatever reason you revert back to "a losing culture" for an extended period of time. As I said, even the best teams have down years but their downtime surely doesn't last for more than one season, maybe two... maybe.

I'm loving this ride, I have no plans of getting off, and I don't think the management of the Phillies and Eagles have any plans to shut the ride down, either.

Just remember Mr. and Mrs. Phillies and Eagles franchises, you invited us on to this ride, you enticed us by creating a culture of winning, by trading for and signing big name, very impactful players. And now that we're on the ride, we want to stay on it.

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