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Comcast's Lisa Hillary: Flyers' Laperriere "Did the unthinkable" by becoming an American Citizen


As Comcast SportsNet’s Daily News Live entered its final minutes Tuesday evening, host Gregg Murphy went to the newsroom where Phil Hartman and Lisa Hillary were standing by to give a preview of what was to be featured on that evening’s SportsNite.
The final news story involved Flyers’ winger Ian Laperriere, whom according to Hillary (a fellow Canadian), “did the unthinkable” by becoming an American citizen that same day.
Wow Lisa, tell us how you really feel. I had to watch the On-Demand replay of this to see if there was some punchline I missed or if I was overreacting. Turns out it was just as bad the second time. 
When Hartman asked Hillary why she didn’t do the same, she emphatically and half defiantly responded “No thanks.”  When some nervous laughter eminated from the DNL panel, Hillary quickly replied “I didn’t mean it in a bad way,” as if ‘God forbid, I can’t believe this is shocking.’
The ever-ready Hartman fired back quickly and jokingly.

“She said ‘Will you marry me?’” laughed Hartman, implying that Hillary would become an American citizen if she married him.

It could have ended there as Hartman was trying to get back to Murphy as quickly as possible, but Hillary took it a step further, adding “It doesn’t mean Lappy gives up his Canadian citizenship by the way.”


Yeah you know what, how DARE Ian Laperriere become a U.S. citizen. The nerve of this guy! The nerve of Dan Aykroyd, Jim Carrey, Wayne Gretzky, and countless everyday human beings for doing the same thing!  


Well Lisa, I’ve got news for you: While you deposit American money into your bank account from your job in the fourth biggest media market in the country, I know there are TONS of talented, attractive blondes (some who might even be Canadian) out there desperately looking for work who would line up to take your position in a heartbeat.

If being a U.S. citizen is that repulsive as you made it sound, keep in mind you are reporting sports to many Americans in the tri-state area. You would think you’d be smarter to just keep some things to yourself.

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