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So why exactly are the Philadelphia Eagles trying really hard to win a Super Bowl?


With training camp just about a week underway, the Philadelphia Eagles management has pulled out all the stops  in their quest for the team’s first ever Super Bowl trophy.
Nnamdi Asomugha, Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins, Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie, Vince Young, Ronnie Brown. Yeah, I’d say the Eagles are definitely making their mark on this year’s free agent frenzy, the likes of which the NFL has never seen. Nnamdi Asomugha, Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins, Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie, Vince Young, Ronnie Brown. Yeah, I’d say the Eagles are definitely making their mark on this year’s free agent frenzy, the likes of which the NFL has never seen. Photo: www.philadelphiaeagles.com
This isn’t a complete surprise. Joe Banner  himself said months ago that the Birds were going to be aggressive once the lockout ends.
But despite the team’s aggressive push, you can’t help but be a little perplexed here........
Why now? Why the sudden change of strategy from the Eagles’ front office after years of wanting to build from within while adding some free agents here and there that “fit in the team’s system?”

The Eagles have had better chances at winning a Super Bowl in the last ten years or so than in the present. Who knows? A few pieces here and there over the last several years and maybe we would be looking at a few Super Bowl trophies as opposed to none.

Why is Banner, mad genius of mastering the salary cap, enthusiastically screaming “Hell yeah” when Eagles' GM Howie Roseman asks him if there is any cap room left to sign other players?  Is this candid camera? Is someone supposed to jump out and say this is all a joke? What’s gotten into Joe Banner?! This is like the real quiet kid in college who suddenly comes out of his shell over the summer. I seriously want to have a beer with this guy!


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Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic that my team is willing to go all out for what seems like the first time (the 2004 acquisitions pale in comparison to what they’ve done so far), but remember when you used to be nice to an older sibling because you needed booze or they were old enough to get it for you?

Yep. THAT’S how I feel about what is going on right now with my Philadelphia Eagles. I can’t help but feel that there are alterior motives for everything that has transpired over the last seven days.

And personally, I think a lot of them have to do with Andy Reid.

There has been speculation that Reid's relationship with Eagles’ management had deteriorated. There have been rumors for quite some time that Reid will eventually relinquish his coaching duties and head up to the front office.  There has been speculation that Reid's relationship with Eagles’ management had deteriorated. Photo: www.gcobb.com

Will this be sooner rather than later?

After all, Reid is now the longest tenured coach in the NFL after Jeff Fisher’s departure from the Titans in January.

You can’t help but think that after 12 seasons and a lot of razzing from the Philly fans about botched time outs, clock mismanagement, and almost never running the football (until Jon Runyan stepped in and said something), the time for Reid to help deliver a Lombardi trophy seems to have reached its expiration date around January 2009.

The Eagles and Reid are at a crossroads. With the Phillies possibly on the verge of winning another world championship, it will only push the Eagles further back in popularity. The team is clearly taking a page out of the Phillies’ book (and I’m STILL having a hard time getting used to saying that) where they are going all out to try and win now.
Imagine that. Indianapolis 2012. Michael Vick and crew hoisting the Super Bowl trophy. Reid walks off into the sunset a hero. All the ghosts of Eagles’ playoff past are finally laid to rest.

He is surrounded with some of the best personnel in the game (though I’m still shaking my head at the Juan Castillo move). Jim Washburn and Howard Mudd have experience  way beyond anything that Sean McDermott and Rory Segrest had. The Eagles still have many uncertainties: a young bunch of safeties, inexperienced linebackers, some holes on the offensive line as well as questions on special teams with a young kicker in Alex Henery  taking over David Akers’ role.

Realistically, the Eagles could come up short again. Even though they will more than likely make more moves before camp breaks, they are already behind the eight ball when compared to teams with established systems like Green Bay, New England, Pittsburgh, and the New York Jets. That means the experience of Washburn and Mudd will be counted on more than usual, and the pressure for Reid to win will be even greater with the addition of his new players and coaches. I'm not trying to rain on any parade here. But let's get real: they haven't even played a second of football yet.

The Super Bowl odds came in Wednesday and the Birds are 8-1 favorites. New England (what else is new?) is the favorite at 13-2 odds, while the defending Super Bowl Champion Packers are listed at 7-1 odds. For better or worse these odds can change, and the expectations of the “Dream Team” could easily fall the wayside  just like another ‘Dream Team’ in Miami.

And this time, no excuses for the Eagles or Andy Reid will be tolerated by the Eagles’ brass.

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