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Eagles' cornerback Asante Samuel rants in this week's Phantasy Interviews


Philly2Philly Phantasy Interviews …a Satiric Look Inside What may be in the Head of Current and Past Philly Sports Personalities


Almost as soon as the NFL lockout came to an end, the Philadelphia Eagles became the most active team in the league in trading for and acquiring marquee players.Asante Samuel photo: http://insidetheiggles.com


Among other big names, the Birds traded for Pro Bowl cornerback Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie, and then shocked the football world by scooping up prized free agent corner Nnamdi Asomugha.


All of Eagles Nation seemed ecstatic with these (and other) moves, except for their own four-time Pro Bowl cornerback, Asante Samuel.


Samuel has been the subject of trade rumors since these acquisitions were made; I sat down with him last night to get his take on his future with the team.

Matt:    Asante, what is your reaction to all of the moves that the Birds have made since the lockout ended?

Asante: Man, they’ve been bringing in some good players. We’ll see where it takes them.

Matt:    I noticed that you said “they” and not “we.”

Asante:  Yeah, they. I don’t work for the Eagles’ front office, do I?

Matt:    No, but you also said, “we’ll see where it takes them”, not us. Do you feel like the Eagles want to keep the other two corners and trade you for help at another position?

Asante: No comment. Do you always analyze the use of pronouns?

Matt:  Only in these situations. Let me ask you in this way. In an article on philly.com, you were quoted as saying the following, "I want to be where I'm wanted, If they're tired of my big playmaking ability, they can ship me out." Were you quoted accurately?
Asante:  I said that; what’s the big deal?
Matt:  You make it seem like you don’t want to play in Philly, or maybe, that you feel unappreciated by the front office. Do you want to be shipped out?
Asante: If they think that they can get another guy who can pick off 42 passes in eight years, and six more in the postseason, let them try. I’m a future Hall of Famer; it says so right on my website, man.

Matt:    So, you want to stay here? I’m confused.

Asante:  I said that as long as I’m here, I’ll do anything the coaches ask. Except—

Matt:    Except what?

Asante: I just ask that they keep me on the left side, don’t ask me to play no press coverage, and let me continue to freelance.

Matt:    I hear you, Asante, but a lot of Eagles fans regard you as a me-first player because of that very kind of attitude.

Asante:  That’s their opinion.  How many of them are future Hall of Famers?

Matt:  A few of us, perhaps. Let me ask you this. You have praised Nnamdi Asomugha as a player, and a person. I agree that he’s terrific. So, who’s the best in the business: Asomugha or Darrelle Revis, of the Jets?

Asante:  I consider them Two and Two-A after Asante Samuel.

Matt:  Does it bother you that the debate as to who is the best cornerback in the league seems to always be between those two?

Asante: Listen. Not even counting the postseason, I have 42 picks. Revis has 14, and Nnamdi has 11. Don’t you think that I should be in that debate?

Matt:  Yes, as the moderator.

Asante:  That’s a cheapshot, man.

Matt: Maybe, it was, but I don’t see you on that level. You have the interceptions, but you’re always gambling, you give up lots of big plays and I’ve almost never seen you wrap up a ball carrier or stick your nose in on a hard tackle.

Asante:  Do the Phillies pay Ryan Howard to bunt? No, they want the homer. The Eagles pay me to be a playmaker. Who else makes plays for them?

Matt:   Them?

Asante:  C’mon, man. Who else?

Matt:  On defense? We need more. Trent Cole’s one, and then there’s…I guess we’ll see what happens this year.

Asante: Exactly. I’m the Deion Sanders of my era.

Matt:    Well, you avoid tackling like 'Prime Time' did. And you have most of his ego, but Deion was a true shutdown corner, and he was a threat to score any time he had the ball. I never liked him, but teams were afraid to throw at his side of the field.

Asante:  Same as me. What else you got?

Matt:  Okay. Do the Eagles have the right mix of players to win the Super Bowl this year?

Asante:  They do. We do. The Birds do, I think. Why not?

Matt: I don’t know why not. It appears that, on paper, the Eagles and Packers should be the top two teams in the NFC. Do you think the Birds need all three of you elite corners to stay with the likes of Aaron Rodgers and his stable of targets?

Asante:  If that’s what they do, they do. I’m not the coaching staff.

Matt:  Speaking of the coaching staff, the Eagles have a new defensive coordinator in Juan Castillo, who was their longtime offensive line coach. Are you skeptical that Castillo can make the jump from offense to defense?

Asante:  Man, I don’t know.

Matt: Does he have the respect of the guys on your side of the ball?

Asante: He’s a good dude, but does it matter?

Matt:  I would certainly think so.

Asante:  Here’s my point. The Eagles can bring in Bill Belichick as their defensive coordinator, and it wouldn’t matter, I study the playbook and all, but then during the games I just do my own thing, anyway.

Matt:  So, you don’t really play within the confines of the defensive scheme?

Asante:  I’m a playmaker, and a future Hall of Famer. Schemes are for average players.

Matt:  Interesting. So, is there anything you can say to reassure us that you won’t ask the Eagles to trade you?

Asante:  I won’t ask the Eagles to trade me.

Matt:  Thank you.

Asante:  But—

Matt:  But what?

Asante: But if they’re tired of my big playmaking ability they can ship me out.

A Disclaimer: This conversation with Asante Samuel did not really take place—but is it really all that far-fetched?

Along with being a lifelong Philly sports fan, Matt Goldberg is a unique, award-winning writer, speaker and all-around humorist who resides with his wife and son in South Jersey. He is a featured columnist for the Phillies for Bleacher Report, and is also the author of two new humor books—Wordapodia, Volume One, and All That Twitters is Not Goldberg. They are not sports books, per se, but definitely have a lot of sports passion and humor, and Philly flavor.


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