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Phillies take three of four from the Giants, but let’s not get too cocky just yet


First off, let me just say that I am absolutely thrilled that the Phightins won the first three games of the weekend series against the Giants. After playing poorly against them last week, the Phils came to San Fran fired up, and it showed.
The Phillies' pitching was strong, their hitting was timely, they weren't pushed around by the Giants, they won the season series against them, and they seem to be playing with more of an edge. There are some intense players on the Phils, but Hunter Pence has brought a burst of energy that this team sorely needed. This weekend, the Phils' pitching was strong, the hitting was timely, they weren't pushed around by the Giants, they won the season series against them, and they seem to be playing with more of an edge. Photo: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/baseball/story/2011/08/07/sp-bochycomment.html
I must admit, I thought Carlos Beltran would be a better fit for the Phils and wrote about three articles saying so, but his actions and seemingly lackadaisical play in right field this weekend has made me reconsider (rental or not) whether he would be a proper fit for this team. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll see what October brings, but it seems Ruben Amaro definitely made a great move in getting Pence. 

Yes, it's great how the Phils played over the last few days, but if I had a dime for every Phillies fan I heard popping off on Saturday about how the Giants aren’t good anymore and that the Phillies evened the score and all that other nonsense, I wouldn’t be writing this piece because I’d be on an island somewhere.

While this series helped to dispell the notion that the Giants are in the Phillies’ heads, keep in mind the orange and black (and I don't mean the Flyers) are the ones with the most recent World Series jewelry. Nothing will ever change that. And believe me, I think it stinks. The road to the World Series goes through San Francisco until they are otherwise dethroned.

As Phillies fans we have a right to be proud of our team and what they’ve accomplished this year. It is arguably the most dominant Phillies team in history, (although to be fair they still have a little more than 50 games to go in the season).

But to be blunt, as a fanbase, we haven’t won enough to where we should trash talk and claim “Nobody can beat us,” and “the Giants stink.”  Has everybody forgotten what happened last year that quickly? Back then, I didn’t think the Giants were a good NLCS matchup for the Phils. In saying that, I thought the Phillies were still going to win, and then I got the shock of my life.

Clearly, the Phils are better than the Giants this year, but I’m not going to be foolish enough to think that couldn’t happen again. And keep in mind this could be any team that catches lightning in a bottle, not just the Giants. How many great Yankees teams in the 2000's went home early? Exactly.

IF the Phillies are to meet the Giants again this year in the post season, they could possibly face Tim Lincecum  and Matt Cain twice in a short series. The Phillies scored a total of three runs off these guys the last two days. And truth be told, it should have only been one (Eli Whiteside’s passed ball and Aubrey Huff’s throwing error led to two of those three runs.) But a win is a win, and we’ll take it. With the Phillies and Giants, chances are if you score first you will probably win because both teams are all-around pitching rich.

I said last week that unless the Phillies find a way to beat Cain and Lincecum that history might repeat itself and I’m not backing off that statement. I’m going to be very confident about the Phillies’ chances, but not cocky just yet.

Let’s wait for another parade first.

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Photo: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/baseball/story/2011/08/07/sp-bochycomment.html