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NFL Power Rankings Week 2: Packers Hold Top Spot and Tom Brady Elevates Patriots


So movers and shakers this week for the Top 10 NFL Power Rankings for Week 2 and how many yards did Donovan McNabb throw for in the Vikings game vs. the Chargers? Maybe he's just pacing himself. McNabb photo: www.beat.bodog.eu

Ok, let's get to getting... Last week's power ranking in parenthesis

1. Packers (1) - Giving up 419 passing yards to the opposing QB is not exactly a great way to start the season; next up, the Panthers. And let's see, their QB had ho many yards passing in their game vs. the Cardinals? Oh yeah about 400 more than Donovan.

2. Patriots (3) - Good night nurse, did Tom look Terrific vs. the Fish or what? Tom Brady nearly set an NFL record by tossing for 517 yards and 4 touchdowns. The Bolts come to Foxboro next week which could mean another aerial shootout. Good news for Brady fantasy owners like me...

3. Ravens (4) - Not even fans of the Ravens saw this coming... a 35-7 drubbing of the hated Steelers. Wow... now that was a statement my friends

4. Eagles (5) -  There is work to be done and patience to be had as there will be growing pains as I mentioned in the TMA but so far so good...

5. Chargers (6) - Lord how good this team could be if they actually had a Special Teams team, let alone a coach...

6. Steelers (2) - Oh pity the poor Seahawks; they will be the sacrificial lamb that has to be on the other side as the Steelers take out all their anger from being embarrassed... look away, it may not be prettyTom Brady

7. Jets (8) -  We Eagles fans felt so bad for Romo and the Cowboys Sunday night, right?

8. Texans (10) - Should a win over a very old looking Kerry Collins even count? Texans go to Miami this week and the Fish, like the Steelers, will not be very hospitable...

9. Bears (N/A) - Far be it for me to say I told you so but, I did pick the Bears to beat the Falcons...

10. Saints (7) - Drew Brees may have to throw for 400 yards every week and with Marques Colston out for four weeks that won't be so easy... 

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McNabb photo: www.beat.bodog.eu

Photo of Tom Brady from USAToday.com