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Michael Vick injured as Eagles give away game to Falcons - The Morning After


Morning campers,tma

A late night/early morning so let's get right to getting... Bullet Style

*Kudos to the Phillies, first and foremost. Five straight NL East titles is very impressive but anything short of another parade will be a disappointment  and we all know it

*And speaking of the Phillies, have you seen the Subway TV spot in which Ryan Howard  proclaims of one of their (Subway) new sandwiches "I'm all over that like a hanging curve?: Which means what, Ryan? You're constantly swinging and missing at the sandwich, too?

*And speaking of TV spots, did you see the Heineken short film in the 2Q disguised as a TV commercial? Jeezus, how long was that? And during all that time, how many times do you actually see the product? Another example of another company having too much money paired with an ad agency with a creative director who thinks they're a Marty Scorcese...

*Ok, enough of that crap... the Eagles lost the game for 3 reasons"

1. Michael Vick. No, not because Vick got hurt, but because he showed once again he cannot handle a blitz and his turnovers were deadly...

2. Jarrad Page/Juan Castillo. The former's inability to cover Tony Gonzalez and the latter's inability to adjust to the fact that the former could not cover Tony Gonzalez; extra kudos for Page for taking the completely wrong angle in trying to tackle Michael Turner during his 4Q fun run, too. 

3. Andy Reid. Or whoever is in charge of challenges. How in the name of God could the Eagles NOT challenge the Falcons' interception in the 3Q which was clearly not an interception yet led directly to a Falcons' TD?

*Did Cris Collinsworth really call a block made by Jason Peters one of the best blocks he's seen all season? Cris, it''s only Week 2 there, boobie. Not exactly a big database of great blocks to judge it against now is there?


*Tell me why again Dunta Robinson wasn't thrown out of the game for the clearly intentional headhunting against Jeremy Maclin?Ryan Howard photo: www.phonemarketinginsider.com

*And speaking of Maclin... great, great game; now if he could only have made one more catch, but hey, let's not nitpick.

*Can we please put a moratorium on singing/talent shows? Jeezus, enough already...

*What did I hear the Falcons were 5-for-5 in the Red Zone with 5 TDs? Not sure what the Eagles final Red Zone numbers looked like but they suren't didn't bat a 1.000 like the Falcons did...

*Did you catch a glimpse of Eagles first round pick Danny Watkins at one point? He was dressed in full uniform! Course he was seated on a jug of Gatorade at the time but one step at a time, kids, one step at a time... maybe next week he can stand on the sideline!

*Can someone help me, please? Is it Hun-Day, Hon-Day or Hun-Die? I have heard three different pronunciations for Hyundai and I honestly don't know which is correct and it's starting to keep me up at night...

That's all for now.

As always...
Time's yours. Food's mine.


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