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NFL Power Rankings Week 3: Eagles Hold #4 Spot Despite Loss to Falcons


Hello boys and girls,

Poor Donovan and his Vikings blow a huge lead. And the Seahawks, as I predicted, were the sacrificial lambs for the Steelers.

Ok, let's get to getting... Last week's power ranking in parenthesis

1. Packers (1) - Not exactly a dominating start to the season for the champs but they are 2-0, so...

 2. Patriots (2) - Dear Mike Tolbert, thank you for the wonderful, early Christmas present...

3. Steelers (6) - Big jump but that's what happens when the teams ahead of you lose. Besides you knew the Steelers were better than they showed in Week 1.Nostradamus

4. Eagles (4) - But Steve, the Eagles lost... shouldn't they move down? Sorry, don't see any team worthy of moving ahead of the Eagles, except for maybe...

5. Chargers (5) - The Bolts were given strong consideration for the #4 spot, but in the end, I just couldn't do it...

6. Jets (7) - But Steve, they won and handily... shouldn't they move up? No. Not with the 28th (or whatever the hell it is) ranked rushing offense. Ground & Pound. Please!

7. Ravens (3) - Nostradamus ain't got nothing on me as I predicted the Ravens would have a let down against the Titans. Rest assured they won't be down long.

8. Texans (8) - Big test for Schaub & Co. as this week they go on the road to play the...

9. Saints (10) - Marques Colston? We don't need no stinkin' Marques Colston...

10. Lions (N/A) - Could easily insert the Bills here in place of the Cats. Both teams are off to 2-0 starts and are winning in very exciting fashion. The Lions have the better defense, so they get the nod.

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